Visual Cognitive Delay

Have a noticeable delay before my Brain cognitively recognizes what is being seen when I turn my head even just 10%, to the left/right, keeping eyes straight with the head/skull movement. Makes me dizzy, confused for a few moments, even when sitting in a chair. Worse if standing & moving, like in a store, parking lot, etc. 6 mons since surgery. Anyone else have this?

Also peripheral is all 2x/3x full rainbow type swing of my eyes (left is the problem from surgery)

Judith, I’m new to the site, but very experienced with aneurysms. I have 5 and have been through four surgeries to correct. Anyway, before they were detected, I had an experience with bipolar proximal positional vertigo (BPPV) which seems to have similar manifestations. Sitting in a chair with eyes closed, not moving an inch, was all I wanted to do because if I moved, even slightly, the world whirled around. Confusion, yes. Stores, with the long isles, like a large grocery store were miserable. I was referred to a vestibular therapist, a specialist who was darn hard to track down, but can be found. Since the brain is continually learning, I worked with her to create new pathways. It was repetitious exercises that so affected me at first that 2-3 minutes was all I could tolerate. BUT, stayed with it and today hardly notice. Maybe, if you can’t find a vestibular therapist, a PT could work on balance. That seemed to be the focus of the exercises. Also, try on-line for balance exercises and info on BPPV. See if that’s as similar as I think it seems from your description. Hope this encourages you to seek help. It’s out there!

Hi Judith, I get this quite often. It’s vertigo and I now take Meclizine for it. It helps but, if I’m active in any way, it gets worst for me. I would suggest, talk to your doc. and get a med for it. As you all ready know, it’s tough living with it. Oh, it can also come from an ear infection or congestion in the ear too.


So many of us go thru, have gone thru vision and hearing issues...the vestibular which Robin provided was great... Have you had, or scheduled for, a six-month follow-up?

As you note your peripheral 2x/3x, did you see a neuro-oph?

I came thru w/both hearing and vision deficiencies; hemianopia, and quadrantopia are noted in my records and which may be synonymous; other records note third nerve palsy, right peripheral, or just right vision blurriness...

My personal opinion is that many of us should be given vision and hearing tests before discharge, or soon after, depending on any symptoms and the location(s) of our brain affected, the proximity to which nerves, which glands, etc. JulieNH provided info on pituitary awhile back.

In many web sites, hearing is clearly related to balance; there is also a connection to vision w/distance control; I readily missed or tripped on steps/curbs, hit a wall, etc. I did lengthy vision therapy and had great results in releasing the pain behind my right pupil, reading/comprehension, tho I did not regain the upper right perpheral.

Please contact your MDs soon...


Since having my annie coiled ... I experience alot of dizzy from turning head side to side...sorta starts in my neck...I am hoping with time this will get better...

I hope your Doctors can help you out...Colleen

Colleen I get the same thing when moving my head or bending over and standing up. Severe pain in head then headache f for the day. Also light cause pain in head at surgery area. Rolling eyes can cause pain also. The snow outside during the day is excruciating causes headache instantly even with sunglasses!!! I keep blinds closed all the time. Hope it gets better!!


Thank you for saying more about your reacting to light. It is called photophobia on my emergency and/or admission records; mine had to have begun w/initial rupture. I keep my blinds closed, too; use lower than normal watt light bulbs in lights/lamps; avoid rain glare as much as possible, too. Avoiding all this makes me feel so reclusive...Then, it gets worse when I can't remember what I was doing...attempting to do, at home.


To Everybody! Thank you all for the replies & insight!!!

So many of you were so nice to reply to my question! Happy to realize I am not the only one with this "delay", besides the peripheral being shot in my Left Eye.

Yes....I have been seeing a Neuropthalmologist since September. Go back in February. He is waiting to see improvement @ the peripheral & all up & across angles of the Left Eye being 2x/3x & like a Carnival Mirror Fun House I call it.

Was so focused on that, wasn't realizing the "cognitive delay" I call it, when I slightly move head, but keep eyes both straight. Funny- always liked Alfred Hitchock......& "Vertigo" was so good!

Have a good week everybody! Fondly, Judi