Vision changes in one eye?

Hi all, I had one ruptured aneurysm coiled last November and am absolutely grateful for having little to no deficits as a result. However, for the past month, I have noticed that when I stand up very quickly only my left sided vision gets those black dots (like when your body’s trying to get blood flow to the head) for several seconds until it corrects. Does anyone else get this strange symptom or think its cause for alarm? I’m currently planning to wait until my next surgery (next month) to bring it up to my neurologist as it isn’t affecting my life other than weirding me out. Thoughts?

I’d call your Neurosurgeon but I’d probably want to see an Ophthalmologist just to be sure. I know I had to wait several months after any coilings before my ophthalmologist would do any testing, though he did see me a couple of times for weirdness. The other thing I’d probably do is just check my blood pressure.


I had an unruptured 7.5mm cerebral aneurism discovered October 2021. My deficits began to slowly show up over time. I too have vision changes. I went from a -1.75 to -5.75 in my right eye and a thinning optical nerve in my left eye. The optical nerve damage was found by a neuro ophthalmologist. I’m glad you noticed something is happening with your eye and will have your doctor help with the issue. Keeping a good blood pressure is also very essential. Best wishes for you and a speedy recovery.


Hi… I didn’t notice black dots that went away but in 2006 I was driving to work, took a sip of coffee and the mug covered my right eye. I couldn’t see a thing. I had noticed my vision had been getting bad in my left eye for a while but just kept putting off an eye exam. I went to my family doctor and as soon as he looked at me he said he’d be right back. He went out, called a local optometrist and sent me right over there. They told me I had wet macular degeneration. I had to find a specialist and they did surgery and I took shots to stop the bleeding vessels in the back of the eye. I lost sight in the eye except I kept my perephial vision. After my rupture, I lost the perephial vision. I have yet to add 1+1 and get 2 in any of this recovery period. But you might want to see your optometrist and be sure you don’t have dry or wet macular degeneration starting. It’s just a good thing to watch out for. Best of luck.


As you see in these comments, though we may link everything to our aneurysms, sometimes we may have unrelated health concerns that also need our attention. I agree with @Moltroub, if you are experiencing these dots when standing up quickly, I would check into your blood pressure. Not to say your concern isn’t or can’t be related to your aneurysm, but just saying it may be something more simple. Definitely worth a call to your neurologist now because you don’t want to wait until closer to your surgery date and then it get postponed because of this new symptom. The neurologist may well agree a visit to and an opinion of an eye doctor is worth your time.


Thank you all for your experiences. Definitely following up with an eye doctor to ensure this isn’t anything serious. Great point by KrysG - it is easy to blame everything on the aneurysm without considering an unrelated cause!

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