Vestibular rehab

So today was my second appointment for vestibular rehab. I am working on reconnecting my eyes, feet and the vestibular system so they work in concert together to balance me. It seems my vision has taken over the majority of how I balance. My first exercise is to get my feet back in the program, so as I walk around I say to myself, feel your feet, your feet are strong, it felt kind of silly at first but it seems to be helping. Next is to reprogram my neurons to use my vestiblar system as well. That will involve a lot of time in the Balance Master a piece of equipment where you wear a harness so you can’t fall, and doing exercises with my eyes closed. It is all very interesting.

We also working on what are my triggers for migraines and so far I can say that laughing, chewy foods, wearing my eye glasses for long periods of time (they press on the side of my head where they did the craniotomy), and the list goes on. All of these are related to the trigeminal nerve (CN V), that was damaged during the craniotomy.

It has been two weeks and I feel like I have learned so much more about my body, and still have so much to learn.

The journey continues.