UPDATE: James' Speech

James is having speech problems now. Monday when we got home from the hospital he layed down to take a nap.. got up and he wasnt talking right. I FINALLY got in touch with his Doctor yesterday he told me to bring him to the ER for a CT scan so I did. Everything is fine with the scan. They still dont know whats causing the speech problem and James swears it was the medicine (Lortab) he was on so they switched him back to Tylenol 3. His speech is a little better he is now putting words together but he still sounds like a baby learning to talk. The first thing I thought was "oh no, light stroke" but wouldnt that have picked up during the scan???

UPDATE: James' speech is 100% better.. He doesnt need pain medication anymore... He is feeling great. He went for his check-up and the surgeon said there is no problems but he still needs to stay out of work for 5 more weeks.. (which is when he goes back to see the dr.)

I cant believe how fast he is recovering.. He doesnt need naps anymore through the day.. He got the 4-wheeler out yesterday and rode.. He has been helping my brother tear a porch off of his house.. Its just unbelievable!!!

Poor James (and poor you!). I suppose a stroke would have been picked up too, but then I’m no doctor… I hope it improves. Even if it was a stroke, with speech therapy people can make great strides. My mum couldn’t speak at all when she had her stroke, sounded like she was sleep-talking and not forming words at all, but now she can speak really well except when she’s tired. Good luck and keep the faith!

Don’t worry just a grich, everything will be okay. Is he maybe trying to do too much? There may be a step back once in awhile remain calm so he does. Its hard but I know you can do it. Keep me updated.

Take care

All good thoughts for you and James.


tell’em to have patience…things may come and go and change and stay consistant,the thing is ,not to freak out and just take it in stride to recovering,im sure he will be fine …hes made it thru the hardest part now its easy street…slow and easy,take care and God bless

Narcotics can compromise the brain. Probably too much for him.

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