Update.headache was from lumber pucture to see if aneurysm had ruptured

Thanks to everyone for advice.i went to hospital on tuesday and hav jyst come
Out today.the lumber pucture they did 8 days ago caused the headache
I had ct scan evrything normal.but the headaches were terrible.my neurologist
Said the cocodomol was making it worse.im ok now.i had iv fluids put on to me
Was told to drink caffiene.had to take time off work.im seeing my consultant
Next tuesday hopfully soon will have operation.thanks for all your support!

Thank you Reena for the update...so glad you went to the Hospital...now rest and do what the Doctor says...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

So glad you went to the hospital and got an explanation. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you will get your surgery soon so you can put this all behind you. I had several horrible months between my diagnosis and my surgery to put in the Pipeline stent. We all understand exactly how you feel, the emotional roller coaster, the fear, the fatigue, all of it...we get it. So please don't hesitate to vent, this site is what got me through and on the road to recovery! Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!


Hi thanks so mucj for your kind words and i pray for u that evrythi g goes well.i went to see my neuoro surgeon and they gona operate on me next thursday.
Just pray for me n i will let u know if all goes well.its scarey n with evrone support it makes it easier

Hi Reena...((((prayers are going out to you))))...Bless your Heart Sweetie...!

At least you can get this journey going ... and then eventually be able to move on...

Gotcha in my Heart Colleen