Auntie had surgery 2 days ago for SAH following burst aneurysm

Hi all,

My poor auntie suffered from a dreadful headache on Sunday and was admitted to hospital on the Monday where they diagnosed a burst aneurysm which has cause SAH (bleeding on the brain). She had coiling surgery on Wednesday and we were told that it was very difficult because the bleeding was at the back of the head and so the risk of brain damage was higher. After the operation the surgeon said he was pleased with his job and although my auntie felt dreadful she was still there mentally. We expected her to be better than she is - she is still in so much pain, feeling sick and they said there is still blood there. Does this disperse? What should we expect?

Unfortunately, today she had to go and have a lumbar puncture this morning to relieve the pressure and pain in her head. She is really suffering. What we wanted to know is how long is the recovery process usually and what should we expect?

It's so worrying and stressful.

Thank you in advance,


Hospital are doing the lumbar puncture now and have spoken to us and said that it’s more of a precauionary thing. Not sure what they are trying to prevent. Can anyone shed any light?

This is a "long journey"...and patience and love are very important...

And even the littlest arm moving, speaking, etc., that you take for granted everyday ... are now important milestones for your Aunt...

She is alive ... and coherent....this is big...

Keeping your Aunt and all of you in my Prayers...! Colleen