Unsure if this is normal

I am new to this site, in fact, have never done this type of thing ever. Though, I am curious as to if my symptoms are from the coiling I had done back in 2009 or if I am just worried about something that is nothing.

The last couple of weeks, I have noticed that when I speak, my words do not come out right. I will try to say a word and throw in an "r" or "w" in when it does not belong there. I have had some trouble with the thought process, it will take me a few seconds to be able to say what my mind is thinking. Some pain behind my eye and a few localized headaches that have caught my attention.

I have no health insurance and not real fond of doctors, so I have done nothing, but it does not seem to be getting any better, in fact my speech is at times worse. Any thoughts?

i had a ruptured anny coiled back n 2009 october to b exact..i still have the twisted tongue...lol..i try n think of something that is in my mind but for the life o me cant get it out...i just take a few deep breaths n it eventually comes 2 me..my main thing is to not get frustrated...hope this helps sweety..love n prayers 2 ya!

Thanx! I am going to have to remember that "twisted tongue" like that, it made me laugh. I tend to be a bit of a character with my friends and they make fun of me and we all have a good laugh about it. I have been doin the same as far as taking a deep breath and try it again.

Yes, it did help, knowing that I am not the only one who speaks like they are just learning the English language. lol. Good luck to you and love and prayers to you as well.

Thanx Jim, you have all been very nice and have put my worry to ease.

Kris, welcome to this site...

You may want to check out aphasia; there are several types of it. If you find similar symptoms, then ask your neuro-specialists about it. Sometimes I put in a whole word, not just another letter or two. Yes, I have words that float in my internal view that are difficult to drop down to say. I had/have both expressive and receptive aphasia; sometimes I type in an unnecessary / unrelated word in a sentence. There are two areas, Wernicke and Broca, in our brain related to the aphasias. I could not say half a sentence when I was discharged.

Prayers for your research and in asking your mds...



Thanx for the tip, will be looking into the aphasia tomorrow. Will let you know what I find. So glad to have this site! You all are wonderful!

Kris-I had kyphoplasty surgery to repair a fractured vertebra last July and had this aphasia incident after the surgery, same type of thing, couldn't get the words out in the right order, knew what I wanted to say, but came out all jumbled. I thought it was a result of the pain meds, so weaned myself off them and it was not as severe, but still happening. Told a friend who is a Physical Therapist and she told me to call my surgeon immediately. I did and next thing I knew I was getting CT scan (nothing showed up), then he ordered MRI, he was concerned I had or was having a stroke, or TIA or some other brain issue. They found no evidence of a stroke, but that's how they found my annie. I had no symptoms whatsoever. The aphasia had nothing to do with the annie they said as the speech is controlled by the opposite side of the brain from where my annie was located. And they found no evidence of a stroke. So in November I had the PED surgery to fix my annie, but I still tend to have issues with getting out some words. It's like I have forgotten some simple vocabulary! I just attribute it to my "bubble" and laugh about it. I also have to sometimes take my time and get things in order before I say them. I am just more aware of it now, but never had this problem before my back surgery. I will be following up with a regular neurologist to further investigate this issue, but have had it with doctor visits for awhile! Good luck, but I can't tell you for sure if this is normal or an indicator of some underlying issue. I will let you know what I find out after I have follow up!


Found this link and thought you might find it helpful.


I'm with everyone else, about the twisted tongue. Especially if I'm extra tired, the words don't want to come out right. Words I so familiar with sometimes just don't want to come out. Its been about 17 mos since my annie & 4 months since my stroke.

Hoping I get better.

Take care.


Wow! I have the same thing but I attributed it to the fact that I had mini-strokes in the brain shortly after my coiling. My brain is not as sharp as it used to be as well. Strokes can cause all these but I am relieved in a way to see that the tongue-twisting seems to be a "normal" effect of coiling. You can re-train your brain though. It can regenerate new cells again by "exercising" it like doing brain stimulating activities such as crosswords, sudoku, etc. I still struggle but I take it one day at a time. Some days are good, some days are not. I still have icepick headaches but doctors are regularly monitoring things. I had my procedure in Jan 2011. As yours was in 2009, did your symptoms just start recently and not immediately after the surgery? Hope things get better for you and you find the answers you seek.

i'm w/nikki. if you're suddenly having problems, it needs to be checked asap. in fact, since you've already had a coiled aneurysm, you really should be having check-ups annually. i know it's hard w/o insurance but there has to be a way.

Hi Kris...

I think you should consult your Doctor...the twisted tongue may be common, however, you have pain behind your eye and headaches, etc., all those symptoms together may mean something is going on with you that needs to be checked...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

I agree with Cris Paco, I had to retrain my brain. Well, I had to retrain lot of things but speech was interesting. I know in my mind what I want to say but it doesn't connect to the lips. It got so funny with my family because when I start a sentence like "in the kitchen" and I get stuck, they will start mentioning things in the kitchen. Lol! By the time they say what I meant to say, I've already forgotten what I was going to talk about. It was just so hilarious! I bought crossword puzzles and other books to help me remember. Now with the twisted tongue combined with the pain you are going through, I think you should speak with your neurologist. Good luck, Kris