Unruptured aneurysm, would you fly on vacation before surgery?

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with an unruptured 1cm aneurysm 3 weeks ago and I have my angiogram in the 2nd week of April, so a month from now… the thing is that I’m quite freaked out about the aneurysm rupturing before surgery or coiling, especially since I’m suffering from a constant headache since weeks and crazy dizzyness, also since weeks… the problem is that in the past i also had dizzy episodes that lasted some weeks, but now knowing that I have an aneurysm, im really scared that it’s a sign of stress and an increased chance of rupturing… or a presign… other than that I’m just exhausted, I could sleep all the time and I go to bed with my son at 8pm and sleep until 7.30 amd I’m still tired no matter if I stay all day in bed or if I go out and do a lot…

Anyway, would you fly like that? We have a 4.5 have flight from berlin to tel aviv and then some inland traveling and a big family party that will be stressful…then a 1.5h inland flight in israel and back 2 days later. After another week we have the flight back to berlin and then I’ll have the angiogram…
Is that risky? Could my symptoms be prerupturing symptoms? Am I at risk right now? There’s nothing I can do to prevent that right??
Oh this is all so scary and complicated and I don’t want to make a mistake…first I was sure I’ll just go but then reading that smaller ones than mine rupture a lot too, I’m really scared… I’d be really happy to hear some opinions…
Thank you, olivia.

Hello Olivia! You didn’t say when you’re flight is. Have you talked to your doctor about it? I’m a survivor of a rupture. I’ve been battling anxiety, depression and migraine ever since. One of the most important things I’ve learned is, I have to make a conscious effort to calm myself. I take meds , but that’s not enough. I listen to guided imagery mp3s, see a therapist and I get outside for walks, yardwork, and such. I have to remind myself that my neurotransmitters are whacked. I know it’s not easy, but that’s what you need to do. Be your own best friend and tell yourself to calm down. You are very lucky to have found out about the aneurysm when you did. Take care of yourself!

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hi @Lee_F, thank you so much for your response and help. my flight is next wednesday. today i had a shorter flight alone with my 3 years old and i realised that if it’d rupture while inflight, i’ll probably die (even if were right above an aeroport when it ruptures and the crew right away decides to make an emergency descent and theres an ambulance waiting etc., there’s still about 20 minutes until touch down and anther i dont know how many minutes until the next hospital. by then im pretty much dead i figured so i wont fly. i was nervous enough today and all the doctors say is that we have to coil or clip it ASAP and nobody told me not to fly but everyone doctor i saw told me that he cant say yes fly- i have to decide myself but their faces say it all…
so we will cancel ;(
but thank you very much!! and im sorry about your anxiety. its horrible. did you try alexander technique? and autogenes training (i dont know how its called in english)… i wish you all the best, ive suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for a very long time, its not fun but you seem to be doing the right things :+1:


I haven’t tried alexander technique or autogenes. I will have to look that up. Thanks for suggesting it! Always welcome something I haven’t tried! About flying, I know that when my aneurysm ruptured, they found two more. The hospital I was taken to decided to transport me to Cleveland Clinic because it was the only hospital that would touch me. But it was 100 miles away. They didn’t want to fly me because of the change in altitude, so Cleveland Clinic met them halfway so they could start to work on me. I don’t remember any of this, so I’m telling you what I was told. I know too well that feeling of, “I’m I going to die today?” I get that everytime I get a nasty migraine. I’m glad you joined BAF. I does help to connect with someone who knows what it’s like to have something wrong with your brain. It get’s very lonely sometimes. Keep me posted!

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