Unruptured aneurysm and fatigue

Hello everyone I’m Dede and I’m new here I just found out recently I have an unruptured aneurysm I have an angiogram scheduled for August 11th I’m wondering if anyone has extreme fatigue with an unruptured aneurism? I’m totally exhausted and I’ve been feeling pressure on my head.

Welcome Dede! Everything I’ve read over the few years says aneurysms cause no issues until they’re big enough to press on something, usually an ocular nerve, I believe. There are also sentinel bleeds which is like a faucet that hasn’t been turned all the way off and is dripping. It’s the only simple way I know to describe it. Those can cause headaches from what I’ve learned here from our wonderful members. Some of our members with unruptured aneurysms share that they get headaches that they believe come from their aneurysms. I can’t say as mine ruptured and then I learned about cerebral aneurysms. So a bit of putting the cart before the horse…

As for fatigue, anything can cause it. So I’m wondering if stress is a big factor. Just knowing you have an aneurysm could be stressful, especially if you’ve been reading stories about ruptured aneurysms on the internet. My Neurosurgeon had me promise not to get on the internet for a year. I’m really glad she did. Pain also causes fatigue, so depending on how bad your headaches are and for how long could also be a cause. Then there’s diet, lack of exercise, dehydration, depression…the list goes on and on and on.

I would suggest you learn to do some relaxation breathing, easy to find on the internet. It’s truly amazing how much you can control with the simple technique. It even helps with blood pressure! Make sure you’re following any advice your doctor has given. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, follow the directions on the medication you take if any for your headaches (don’t over medicate), exercise. And if you get the “thunderclap” headache go straight to the Emergency Department. You will know the difference, trust me on this one. I didn’t have most of the other symptoms listed on various sites, but I did have the thunderclap headache.

Again, welcome!


HI @Dede,
I had an unruptured aneurysm that was clipped in 2016 and repaired a second time in April 2021. I did not have fatigue upon discovery of the aneurysm, but I did have incredible anxiety!! I remember having this sensation in the back of my head at least once a day and my heart was constantly racing. It is all I could think about; literally. I did have a headache and this is how it was found. Interestingly enough, my headaches went away afterwards. I waited way too long for surgery. It was my choice. I was diagnosed in early September 2015 and did not have my craniotomy until January 2016. I had too much to do at work and the holidays were approaching. Hindsight is 20-20 but it was just a bad idea. It is amazing what stress can do to our bodies. If we are revved up all of the time due to stress/anxiety/life in general, at some point our bodies are going to need a break. This may be what you are experiencing. I agree with @Moltroub comments above. I did relaxation exercises, meditation etc.and it did help. Especially right before surgery.

Please keep us posted on how your angiogram goes!



Hi Dede,

Sorry you have been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. The goods news it is unruptured. With the angiogram still a few weeks away, this may be weighing on you mind more than you want it to. In terms of fatigue, yes aneurysms can cause fatigue but as @Moltroub and @phoenix33 said, stress can cause a fair amount of issues as well one of them being fatigue.

I agree with their helpful tips on relaxation exercises/meditation/mindful breathing. This can help manage the stress for now and going forward.

Good luck for your angiogram.

Take care,


I had a brain stent for an unruptured aneurysm 18mo. ago. Experienced tons of anxiety and fatigue. Doctors did not warn me about this. It has been a long recovery and still getting treatment for anxiety. Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques has helped tremendously. Stay hydrated and get lots of rest. Wish you the best.


Thank you so much for all your helpful information I appreciate it!

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Hi there, can I ask why you needed a repair? I just had a craniotomy April 5- and after reading you needed it repaired I am a little worried. Also after your surgery did your head ache in different areas?? Sometimes I have zingers and sometimes it just hurts in my area of where I had the surgery!! Thanks Anita