Trying to feel pretty

So if you have read all of my posts, yes, I do feel ugly since I lost most of my hair, a lot of weight that I didn’t need to, etc. So I asked about wigs. I know I sound so vain but I feel broken and ugly and want to do things that make me feel pretty again.

Can I go tanning? Can I get manicures and pedicures? What about dental appointments? I am going to make an appointment with my doc to go over these, but want to know if there are other "high maintenance" women out there such as me that continue with their rituals at the beauty salons.

My husband continues to tells me that I am beautiful, but I want to do this for me.

Nothing to do with our aneurysms but please don’t go to a tanning salon. The latest studies show that regular use of tanning beds triples or even quadruples the risk of developing melanoma, You are a survivor. Three coiled aneurysms so far. Please reconsider. Thanks.

Please remember it is not what you see in that mirror but what you feel in your heart, who you are inside. I had very long curly hair and the front left quadrant was shaved so I know how you feel. Hair grows back. Go to the salon and get a manicure and a pedicure, a facial if you want, a massage if that will make you feel better but remember you are still and always will be Tina. Take care and God Bless You.

tina i know how you feel i feel like a good year bump,the weight is killing me but im so afraid to work out i never got to do any rehab my right side is a littlte are very pretty i havent even added a picture yet because of my weight .go and get a manicure and pedicures and have your hair done have fun linda god bless ya

K Linda, I will take a vacation and come to Florida and we can both pull ourselves outta this funk and really survive this!!!

Oh Tina…girlfriend…I am with you and must be our husband’s talk to each other because mine says the same. I think that we are the same as we were before but without the “sameness” of the hair style, or going tanning…it’s hard to feel great in the personal sense when in my case I am at the growing out stage and I look like a chia pet. But it passes…at least I hope it does. My husband leaves this week for Afghanistan and I told him when he came home for R&R in 3 months I would have hair…I don’t think you are high maintenance…I think that all of those are doing something for yourself to make yourself feel good. And if you are high maintenance then must be I am too because as soon as I get rid of the chia pet I making an appointment at the spa:)

I am a widow & that is NOT fun OR helpful. I am in an ‘assisted living’ with no access to money. TANNING BEDS ARE DANGEROUS. AS IS TOO MUCH SUN. Mother is going BALD because of ‘tanning’ …

How can I order a ‘Betsys Bracelet’ ? I have cash but you so NOT mail cash! I have no way to get a money order.

Marianne Rankin aka sILVER bELLE
Alden Pointe Assisted Living
#2 Courtland Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Mother is:

Mrs. Elizabeth Clower Rankin Beach
1504 Ridgewood
Columbia, MS 39402

She WOULD write a check.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL RE: TANNING BEDS AND SUN IN GENERAL. Mother is going BALD AND has A LOT of skin cancer from too much sun.

proprey both my head hurts when i bend over alot i did just get a bike now i need a helmet just waiting to get money for the helmet. im going to thanks jim

ok sounds fun

Go for it. Yes, I like my beauty salon routines. One of the first things I did once I had my energy back was get my hair done. My hair in the back had fallen out and I had a really small bald spot at the aneurysm site, so they added in hair. And contrary to popular believe, weave is not just for black women. There’s all textures and colors available. I used weave until my hair grew back. And yes, I went to the dentist. I do my own manicures and pedicures, I think because I want to soak my feet for much longer than I ever could at a spa, so I have my own little home spa. And if you’ve never done a facial, I highly recommend it. A hydro-massage chair also works wonders for the mood as does a heated, vibrating foot massager.

I re read all this & I am back to say this: I STILL don’t like the tanning…it really IS dangerous…as much as the sun…I wore wigs before I ever HAD an ‘annie’ because I AM in DAR AND I HOPE to move to Texas. (I really do wear it short now because of my age…however, I keep it ‘high lighted’ as I had done for YEARS). It was an ‘Annie’…U BEAT AWESOME ODDS…

I have a small bald spot that is slowly growing out. I just don’t don’t worry…YOU should not. I consider it my ‘badge of courage’ & I do NOT hesitate to tell people who ask questions I ‘forgot to die’…I am in assisted living & we have manicures once a week. I’ve been to the dentist & had all the X-rays. YES you DO need to do these things for YOU. And ANYTHING else you want.

I STILL hope someone can send a “Betsys Bracelet” & BILL to Mrs. Elizabeth C. Beach (for: Marianne Rankin…so she’s not surprised) 1504 Ridgewood/Columbia, MS 39429. I prefer purples & greens but will be MOST THANKFUL for ANY/even TWO… I don’t mind telling people why I am young & in an ‘assisted living for seniors’…its IMPORTANT. And I search for ANY way to bring health up. IT’S SO IMPORTANT. VITAL ACTUALLY. “Annie” is a 'silent killer as we all know.

Mine was first of September. I’m mostly avoiding tanning because of my meds. I don’t go everyday and burn myself or tan til I’m leather. I live in Ohio and we can go weeks without sun. So I go about 1 or 2 times a week for about 5 to 10 minutes in the winter. I don’t glow like Casper, but I look healthy!

And I’ve decided I am doing an mani and pedi this weekend with my little girl! Having a girls spa day while the boys go bow hunting!

Thanks for all the replies and I understand the objections to tanning beds and sun. But I try yo regulate it so I get just enough to make me happy.