Trigger point injections

I have a couple of questions for all of you lovely survivors.

First, has anyone heard of removing the riveted metal fasteners attached to the skull?
I had two full frontal craniotomies. And have 12 metal fasteners/plates/rivets and they are causing me pain.

Second: and this is more of a statement than a question.
These trigger point injections are absolutely fantastic for immediate nerve pain relief! You have to go back multiple times but after a while your nerve pain is manageable.
I highly recommend it!
With that said I have scar tissue wrapped around some of the rivets and the Trigger point injections in this specific area are less effective.

May God be with you all!

Good Morning! I have read where a few members have had a pin or two removed. Hopefully those with craniotomies will respond!

It’s wonderful to read you have found some relief and shared it with our members! Thank you so much!

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I notice that I get searing pain across my head. My doctor feels that the plate is causing this. I am glad to know this because sometimes it is unbearable. Thank you for the information!


Hi Pauly_K, I had one of these figure 8 plates removed one year after my initial craniotomy in 2014. I had the pain too. I was also diagnosed with Epilepsy at the time of the discovery of two unruptured annies and the plate caused excrutiating pain during a seizure. Because of the epilepsy, I asked it the plate could be removed under a local anaesthetic and it was in our hospital theatre. Immediate relief. I have the tiny piece of metal as a souveneir. New Zealand