Craniotomy site pain/headaches 5 years later

I’m am truly blessed and encouraged by the A-Z posts/discussions I’ve had the privilege to read here. I’m hoping to draw some insight from those who have experienced what I seem to be these days and have the time to reply. Thanking you in advance.

My ruptured anni was initially coiled and then clipped 6 months later. In the 5 years since, I’ve recovered well. Outside of the first month or two post clipping, I’ve not had much in the way of headaches until recently. For the last three months, I’ve had intermittent headaches, shooting pain and some swelling at the craniotomy site (front left side). Also seems that one of the screws, which used to protrude from my forehead, has now “leveled out” almost like it has somehow shifted and is now flatter. For the last week, the pain at the craniotomy site has intensified and is more constant, rendering it difficult for me to work.

The GP seems to think I am having migraines and cited that a lot of folks are subject to them post craniotomy. I’m not opposed to this school of thought, however I guess I’d expect to have developed this issue closer to the time of the surgery and not 5 years post. I have no traditional migraine symptoms and the discomfort is centered at the craniotomy site so I’m not inclined to agree with the GP.

I’m scheduled to see the neurosurgeon next week and pray for some answers then. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience so far AFTER surgery and if so, what was the diagnosis and treatment?

Thank you, God bless

Hi Ana,

I would agree that you are experiencing migraines and the triggers are rather complex for why this occurs after a period of time (if you search through my extensive posts you might be startled why.) With respect to the screws, inflammation surrounding the backed out screw could have caused scarring tissue and maybe calcium deposits to surround the screw. There was a recent post here about one person having the screws and plates removed. I'm not sure how health insurance treats the costs for this type of modification surgery. Hope this helps you and God Bless You too.


Anna - I’m glad you’re going to the Neurosurgeon! Hope they get this figured out for you.