Treatment options?

Elsie; welcome, if this is new for you here; please forgive me if I missed earlier contact from you.

Please ask your neuro about the options, including Pipeline (PED) I understand it, it was FDA approved for ICA implant; it is stent, but that coils are not needed.(?) Please check the Pipeline Group site for their responses.

You can view the FDA site by browsing the product #'s; H020002, H50001, H060001 and P100018; there are more that will show up on the FDA site by year order.

You are blessed to have been diagnosed early. Was that from symptoms or from the potential genetic issue?

Today's Mayo Clinic On-line Newsletter has an article on the beneits of CT scans, w/a small increase in radiation over standard x-rays, as they give a more detailed diagnosis.

W/o a doubt on that; what we are missing is data on the higher level of radiation on CTAs, MRAs, Arteriography Angios. Yet awaiting answers on those for our BAF group and the public.

Even in finding the Arteriography Angios in searches, they list the cardio, not the cerebral. So can assume it would be the same level in the brain as the heart...but would be so great for the specialists, the scientists, to tell us; because the heart angio is a high level of rad.

Another member, Julie, recently noted here the data on the need for those with clips to also have f/ups (tho perhaps not as frequently needed as post-coiling ?.)

Prayers that you get your questions answered by your doctor before you finalize your right and comfortable decision for you.


Cecile, I had an annie on the left ICA- it was compressing my left optic nerve. My neurosurgeon, an internationally reknown one, told me that based on my age (63 at the time), location and size (8mm) of the annie , clipping was the best solution. Coiling was not recommended. With the clipping, the work was done and I won't be having further scans or face recoiling surgery when I'm older. You need to listen to what the doctors tell you as they look at each case individually -- you can always get a second opinion. My mom died of a ruptured annie at age 45 when I was 19. I thank the Lord that mine was detected as a result of problems during my annual vision exam -- and, by the way, my eye also twitched prior the surgery. Best of luck during this anxious time of decision making.

Thanks everyone, for sharing your experiences. My wonderful doctor explained the options and suggested other doctors I could meet with to learn even more. Although my first thought was to try the latest thing (Pipeline, or PED) after sleeping on it and talking to dear friends in the medical field I decided to opt for the tried and true clipping.

Thanks again for all the support.

I truly appreciate the advice and support from everyone who responded.

Thanks. I'd really appreciate learning more about the recovery process after clipping. As my surgical date (April 26) approaches I am more and more nervous!

Thanks so much> I don't know how to email you, so I am replying via this forum. Now that I've decided to go with clipping, I'd really like to hear more about your recovery process. They told me to expect 2-4 days in the hospital and 2-4 weeks recovering at home. (I'm scared to death.)