Treatment options?

I had an angio last week that confirmed an unruptured 4-5 mm saccular aneurysm involving the left internal carotid artery @ the junction of its ophthalmic and supraclinoid segments. The doctor said I'm lucky in that its size, shape, & location allow treatment options, and a team of interventional radiologists and neurosurgeons will soon meet and make a recommendation.

I know there are pros & cons of any treatment & have read about clipping & coiling (perhaps combined w a Pipeline stent, since mine has a broad neck).

I feel absolutely fine now, (However, I still occasionally have the sensation that my eyelid is twitching, which they've told me is unrelated to the aneurysm but is the reason I went to the doctor in the first place!)

Please tell me---is there any reason to even consider clipping when there is a less invasive alternative? I'm scared to death of stroke and some of the other side effects I've read about, but I don't want to risk watching & waiting too long because my Dad died of a ruptured aneurysm when he was the same age I am now.

Thanks for sharing your experiences & advice.

if i were you i would wait to see what the drs recommend and the best treatment for you...i had a 5mm rupture in my basilar tip was done with an endovascular angio placement of coils...but mine had a narrow neck and because of location that was the best way to get in there and take care of that lil great now,,that was 2 yrs ago..all is talk with your intervention radiologist n nuerosurgeon,,they would def be the ones to give you the best options..prayers n love coming your way..keep ua updated


Please check out the group site on Pipeline... the experts in our group!

Ceclie, coils have been promoted as minimally invasive; it can be w/quality performance. A concern I have had is the number of f/ups w/the radiation level in angiograms, that begins w/diagnostic and initial coiling. Ask if a Residen will be coiling, what is his/her years of Residency.

I am surprised you were told that your eye twitch was not related; ask them how the ophthalmic artery related to the cranial nerves of our vision. We need more info on that.

My surpaclinoid segment aneurysm PComA region had a 6mm aneurysm that ruptured; please do not wait too long to make your decision; research and ask your neuro every question imaginable.

Prayers for your comfort in your decision and keep us updated


Hi Cecilie...I wish I could tell you which procedure is better...I was coiled ... it was my only option on the basilar tip artery ... you will have to hear what the Doctors say about each procedure and what is best and less risk for you...

Keep us posted ~

Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Cecelie,

We have a Group called the Pipeline Embolizaton Device (PED) Group that has postings from those of us who have undergone stenting with the Pipeline and our experiences with it. Please join our group so that you can get whatever information we have to help you! We can be found here:

We have 3 members of the Group who got their PEDs over 2 years ago, and I am coming up on my first "Annie"Versary in June.

We are here for any questions you may have.

For me, I'm so glad I got the PED after I watched my older sister go through clipping of her annie!