Tory Klementson

Has anyone heard from Tory it's a little puzzeling haven't heard from her we were talking about how cumbersom her walker was and that she was going to get some nordic poles to help her get around a little better...I hope she didn't fall and hurt herself this was about 2 mnths ago haven't heard anything since just a little worried she's a great lady with wonderful sence of humor...thanks Dale

Ah Dale...this is so nice that you are I am going to try and put on the front page again and see if she will note on your post...~

Hi Colleen thankyou for your reply Ron K. e-mailed and said on facebook she's running again so maybe she hasn't had the time I hope that is true I mean WOW!!! to go from a walker to running within a couple days the woman is super human, it's beatifull here in nh today I have to go out and fix my starter relay on my super modified harley it's gonna take awhile all the parts I have to take off just to get to it is a big pain in the ass! I quess I better get started daylight is a burnin and I need to ride to stay sane..short riding season here but sooooo beatifull thanks again but if you here anything please let me know thanks Dale

I am just glad someone has found her...and she is doing ok...

Oops ... hope you had a good ride... <smile>