the crazy bumps that just show up.

it is kind of cool to see someone with the same dent as me. I just found this site and you are the first person i have ever seen with my dent

thank you for posting

lynn, may i ask how you ended up with the dent. i struggle with this stupid dent every day. no one else can see it, because i cover it with my hair. but i know its there.

About two weeks after my surgery my sister noticed it. I used to be self conscious about it but have accepted it as a battle scar and realized it wasn’t as noticeable as I believed it was. Some days i look at it in the mirror and i see a crater whike others i can barely see it. What is harder to accept is the hair around my scar that started falling out after 7 years.

I have one, too, and sometimes I think I see one on Vice President Biden's head, but not sure if I'm imagining it. I do know he had aneurysm surgery awhile back. Apparently, we lucky ones got it because the temporal muscle atrophied. Well, something like that, anyway. I've always worn my hair across that side, so I don't much care. Just thankful that the stupid aneurysm is clipped and the surgery -- some dozen years ago -- was pretty painless for me, despite all the presurgery anxiety.