I have a very visible dent in my head post surgery

I had clipping surgery after my aneurysm ruptured Thanksgiving Day 2009. Although I am doing very well in my recovery, I have a very visible dent in my forehead - vertical - above my left eye. I assume this is where my skull was removed? I am not sure what could be done, if anything - and why I have it in the first place.

Start wearing bangs in your hair. Removing a plate of your skull is bound to leave a dent where they put it back in. Cut your hair with bangs! You are alive. You have the choice of bangs.

I hope you know that I am totally thankful for where I am - and where I am not! I was more curious how I have the dent and will it go away and could it cave in. I guess I would think there would be a flush fit? People have been commenting on it and since it is very sensative after 5 months I wondered if anything could go wrong?

Hi Kat,

I have the same dent. They said that if I wanted it fixed it could be but I didn’t want anymore surgergy. Have you talked with your Dr’s about this? I also had what they call a vein graff and I was told this was the major reason I had the dent. Did you have a vein graff?

Take Care

I have not talked to my surgeon - the wonderful Dr Gunel! I really cannot stand the thought of another surgery - just makes me cringe - although I have no memory of this one! I am not sure about a vein graff? From what I know I had the crainiotomy, the clip - and then I had a brain drain - I guess there was alot of blood and whatever else in my head so the drain relieved the pressure.

I guess I live with the dent as long as it is cosmetic only! Some reminders are good - keeps you thankful for what you have!



I have a dent but it’s in my temple area, it was explained to me that it was because of the muscle they had to cut through didn’t heal properly and eventually the muscle atrophied causing the dent. I get alot of pain in my dent. At first I was upset about my dent and very self concious about it, but as time has gone by I have gotten used to it and it now serves as a reminder of how lucky I am to be here.

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Me too Cheri :slight_smile: I have a dent in the same location, it bothered me for a while but not anymore. I joined in on one of the webinar’s here at baf, both Dr’s at the time answered this exact question from someone. They said, you can have surgery to repair it OR you can wear it proudly as a badge of surviving the surgery etc. I choose the latter. :slight_smile:


Bless your Heart sweetie...

Hope you can find someone to help you out...


i have that also its where a muscle was and they had to remove it to get to you for the craniotomy, i was asked about plastic surgery but i said no because my hair covers it and i really dont care about it anymore.

After my first surgery (clipping) I had a dent and was told it was because the muscles were cut. Today I have several little dents that are visible. In my case they will be there forever.

Jim, If you start with botox don't you have to then have it done over and over?


I dont have a dent because of the PED being inserted via the groin area, but my sister who had her annie clipped has a very noticable dent near her forehead. She wears it like a badge of honor!!

Seems as though many choices can be made!

Best wishes,

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I have a dent over my right eye brow and thru my right temple, I had the clipping in oct 09 and I think that it is a sign of character, we are survivors! If a dent in our heads is all we ended up with in the end than we have done very well. I am so happy to be alive and well instead if what could have happened that a dent is NOTHING!

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My wife has this dent as well from her clipping surgery 17 years ago. If you, like my wife had a horseshoe type craniotomy, the dent appears due to the refitting of the cranial bone. You see, it is impossible to reattach the bone flap for a snug fit for a number of reasons. Therefore, a space is created between the two bone surfaces and fitted as closely as possible. The bone is reattached using either metal hinges or surgical wire to ensure very little movement and easy surgical access if it is necessary. If you obtain the post op surgical x-rays you will be able to see how difficult it is to realign the bone. Hope this info helps you. Good luck and God Bless!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that one of the substances used to patch over the dent is a epoxy glue. I wouldn't recommend it however because the removal of it can be more problematic. We know this because we discussed with her Surgeon about replacing the stainless steel sutures with screw hinges. The epoxy glue covers her sutures making the change over more difficult and dangerous.

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Me too… It feels so odd… And I have screws that poke out of my forehead like little horns… lol Dr. said I have to wait 4-6 months before I can have it all fixed… You know… Gotta wait till the skull grows back together… (Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be writing about suff like this…) Crazy…

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I have dent too. It is covered up by my hair. It starts from the middle of my forhead all the way down to my ear. I choose to wear it proudly. I also can feel screws on my forehead. Crazy I know!

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That's special...as you are; tho they're darned expensive badges.



I have what sounds like the same dent by my left temple. I really don’t care or worry about it. I also have not let my hair grow back after shaving it in support of a friend who was having chemo, who by the way, is doing excellant! That makes for a very impressive scar down the back of my head.

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I also have a dent on the right side of my forehead. I had my surgeries approx 13 yrs ago and I still have the dent. I have worn it so proudly and I love when people mention it. I tell them right away about being a survivor! I left mine alone and wear it as a survivor medal. Best wishes barb

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I have the same thing and I HATE it. :frowning:

But your dents make you unique!