On this date 2 years ago

I suffered a Grade V aneurysm rupture

That's among the most severe under the Hunt Hess grade. What's ironic is that today now the ninth is my wife's 18th anniversary and I'm sitting here right now writing requests to the hospitals involved in her surgery and rehab for their records to pass on to Social Security. Good luck and best of health, and Happy Anniversary!


Congratulations on your two year success...you have been blessed...

Hugs and prayers for your continued success.


((((Dana))))...and You are such an inspiration to all of us...what do they say..."You've come a long way baby"...embrace the day...and enjoy your weekend...Cyber~hugs your way...Colleen

Hi Dana,

I just reread your story. As Colleen wrote, you've come a long way baby.

May God continue to be with you on this long walk to full recovery.


Dana my beautiful friend, you are a miracle to behold and an inspiration to all who have been blessed to hear your story of perseverance and strength. I keep you in such a tender place in my heart and pray for continued fortitude and blessings for you Dana...

I send you all my love




dee ((((((HUGS))))))

Shauna- Thank you, my friend- so sweet, you bring tears to my eyes…Know that I have had you in my thoughts and I trust you are doing well, I’ll catch up with you later…D

Thank you, Dee…

Colleen…What can I say? Thank you for always giving a word of encouragement…means so much…D

Ed, I love reading your messages/postings on this website…I always come away with more knowledge…Thank you…Dana

Pat, I agree, I have been blessed…Hugs and prayers appreciated…Dana

Ed, Do you know anything about spasticity? I have "drop foot" on the left and am getting a WalkAide next week to try it out for a couple of weeks (lease) before purchasing....But, I also have spasticity to some degree and am trying to find more information about how to "overcome" (for lack of a better word) without medication...I do exercise regularly and it seems to help...Any insight you may have...Thank you, Dana

Carole...I think I've said this before, I think you're such a classy lady...I always appreciate your insights- D


Thank you for those kind words. God really knows when we need an uplifting message, so thank you.

I don't know much about spascity issues and in fact just at Lori's last Neurology appointment I pointed out that she has had an on going issue with taking a first step using her left leg. Her right leg and step is perfectly fine but as soon as she tries to move her left foot forward she is completely wobbly and unable to move it. I realize that the damage and surgery was contained to the right brain hemisphere and that hemisphere controls the left side of the body so it wouldn't be unusual to have difficulty on that side. Her Neurologist didn't think to much about that when she demonstrated it to him so I guess it isn't much of a concern to him atleast.

The best insight I can give is to keep challenging that part of the brain with different types of exercises. Eventually new neuron pathways should form or another part of the brain will attempt to take control of the movement.

Prior to my wife's aneurysm I never gave much thought about the brain but since then I have found it to be a truly fascinating organ.

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