Three years ago today

Three years ago today I started my journey of recovery after the clipping and obliteration of a leaking brain annuerysm that had overflowed the optic nerve Chaism. I don’t know where to start thanking you for your love, support and prayers. Most importantly you kept me feeling “normal” with what I was going through. You answered my questions and gave me the courage to keep working at recovery. A special thank you too to Drs. Connelly, Moise and Altschul who operated on me.


congratulations xxx

Thank you

mark de koning said:


Congratulations ...


Thank you all. I hope you too are doing well.

Penny congratulations on your anniversary. I cannot help but notice that we had the same neurosurgeon, the wonderful Sander Connolly. He saved my life also, 4 years ago. Celebrate every minute of our life! Carol

Carol - Thank you so much for the information!!! Will see what is determined to be going on after my annual cat scans next month.