This got me thinking! Join the BAF Arterial Challenge

I read a recent article that made me think.....

In this article was the following:

"According to Dr. Christopher Ogilvy, director of neurosurgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, there are roughly 30,000 ruptured aneurysmal hemorrhages in the United States every year. Of that number, 40 percent are fatal.

Of those who survive, roughly two-thirds have some sort of a deficit, which can run the gamut from being comatose to paralysis to memory problems, he said.

Brain aneurysms — the bulging of an artery in the brain — are neither rising or decreasing in America, Dr. Ogilvy said, although “we are detecting them more because of imaging. Some we leave alone, some we treat based on the size of it, the patient's age, medical condition and other factors.”

Dr. Ogilvy, who also serves as the executive director on the medical advisory board for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation in Hanover, lamented that research in this area of neuroscience is woefully underfunded, with $6 million allocated annually.

By contrast, AIDS research receives $2.7 billion a year, although the number of deaths is similar — 14,500 per year — to those caused by brain aneurysms, according to Dr. Ogilvy.

Research into breast cancer, which claims 41,000 lives per year, attracts about $732 million a year, while prostate cancer, which claims 31,500 lives per year, garners $408.3 million annually.

A major reason so few dollars are allocated to research in this area, he said, is because “aneurysms strike out of nowhere and mortalities come soon after that.”

And because aneurysms are so unexpected, said Dr. Ogilvy, “they are so devastating to loved ones,” especially if someone was as healthy. ( )

We NEED to drive some funds to BAF, or get out the word! If you are in New England, NY or NJ, PLEASE consider joining the Brain Aneurysm Foundation's Arterial Challenge on 5/29/11 ( ) or if you're in another area, consider having your own fund raiser!
I'll be there on 5/29, I hope to meet some of you there!


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