Third Nerve palsy after clipping

Hello to All,

My dear husband underwent clipping for an unruptured cerebral aneurysm of the supraclinoid segment of the ICA. Fortunately, he is doing well with exception of a surgically induced third nerve palsy. I have consulted the opthalmologist and looking to contact a neuro opthalmologist to see what can be done to restore normal vision. the opthalmologist told me time might heal this but unsure. Has anyone else experienced this and can you share your findings and words of wisdom? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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I don’t have Third Nerve Palsy, some members here do and I hope they respond. I did read several articles, some didn’t answer any questions IMHO, while others did. Some suggested a wait of at least six months and up to a year to see if it will self resolve. I did find this article.

It starts out with Pediatrics, but keep reading and it will get to adults. Hope y’all are doing well,

Hi Moltroub,

Thank you so much for the reply. The link you sent is very informative - thanks so much. I have given him eye patches to wear - both the reusable and disposable and will be looking into interim prism glasses if appropriate. As I said, I will be contacting the neuro ophthalmologist and will have a better idea as to what the options are.

I was told by the regular ophthalmologist about wait for 4 months before doing anything but I need him to have more comfortable vision in the interim and don’t want to wait for too long without doing something better for him and his vision.

These aneurysms are a steep learning curve for most patients and caretakers. I am grateful for responses such as yours and all those who have posted as I learned so much before taking a decision to get it surgically clipped. I will start a separate post on the journey and hopefully it can help others the way my husband and I were helped.


I think the journey post is a grand idea! Can’t wait to read it. I wouldn’t be here without my excellent caregiver.

I certainly understand why you want his vision to improve sooner rather than later. Saying that, please be patient. If I recall correctly, and that’s a big if, members have waited a year or more for prism glasses. Touching base with the Neuro Ophthalmologist is another good idea you have. The brain takes months and years to heal itself, not days and weeks, unfortunately. Make sure he is eating a good bit of protein and staying hydrated. Check with a dietician or his Neurosurgeon on how much of both he needs.

Thank you for the sage advice Moltroub. It is very much appreciated.

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