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Third Anniversary

On 02.24.2015 I reached the three year mark after a dual craniotomy/obitotomy to clip twin intertwined aneurysms. It has been a long interesting journey. Full of a lot of ongoing highs and lows. But, I survive and breathe brave. I just wanted to thank everyone, because even though I don't chat much on here, I listened and paid attention during some very rough times. And to all of us, we are survivors. We endure. And, even when one of us loses the fight, they survive in the hearts of the people who love them and remember their bravery. Keep up the fight. Even the hardest days are worth it.

Love the line “I survive and breathe brave”! Good for you:)

Congratulations!! You look great at 3 years! I passed my 3 year anniversary for my coiling/stent in October. Though both of mine did not rupture, I still had some tough recover. Your words of encouragement will go far for people still going through that rough recovery.

You look beautiful, K. Drake. Thank you for the inspiration!

Hi! I read your story. Glad you are healing well. I, as well away from surgery for three years. It is very hard, I know! Lots of changes! I finally am accepting that I have some difficulties. Looking back, any ways. I saw this sight and hope I can talk more on it. Bye! Dawn

Congratulations on 3 years. Mark

You look fantastic. Congratulations on your recovery and bravery.

Looking great and congrats! Thanks for the inspiring words.