There has to be some special force in the universe that saved me

The day my first cerebral aneurysm blew, I was at work and highly stressed. My kid had called and said the furnace had blown a gasket and was smoking, and the fire department was there dousing it with water. That, and the bad day at work I was having, was probably what caused my brain to wave the white flag. I felt a "POP" in the back of my head that felt like i'd been shot. Then the worst headache ever setlled in. But I didn't go home. Now here's the interesting part, the reason why I totally believe there's some force in the universe out there that looks out for poor souls like me. For almost 1 week, I walked around with a pounding headache, popping aspirin like crazy, never remotely knowing what was really happening in my brain. In this week I saw a psychologist because I thought the headaches were stress related. Days later, my eyelid started to droop. What did I think it was? An eye infection, of course. I went to an eye doctor who told me it was an eye infection and gave me ointment. I just kept popping aspirin and hoping the eye would get better. Then one night, almost into the end of the week, I sat on my bed, and my left arm refused to move. My jaw became sluggish and it felt like my throat was trying to close. I'm no genius, but I know what the signs of a stroke are. I phoned my brother. "Get me to a hospital- i'm having a stroke." He didn't believe it, but he took me. The universe again was smiling on me, as the head of neurology just happened to be on call that night. My cerebral spinal fluid was tainted with blood- my brain was leaking. The next morning I had surgery. "You're a walking miracle" I was told. "Yikes!" was all I could manage. I never smoked, I dont drink or do drugs, and no one in my family has ever had an aneurysm. Why me? I don't know. Perhaps it was the hypertension I didn't know I had but taking meds for now. All I know is some force kept me upright and kept that aneurysm from exploding in my head and taking me off this wonderful planet. Oh yes, the doctor told me all that aspirin I was taking was not helping me any. Thank God, Thank Buddha, thank multiple universes and my ancestors for letting me stumble around for a bit then getting me safely to a hospital with competent doctors. I am very happy to be here.

I’m a strong believer in Guardian Angels. Mine saved me many times - I owe big.

that is truly and inspirational story! I am so thankful to God you are ok. I was curious what the treatment was in your case?

You are a walking poor thing...I can't believe all you went through until they found your annie...I wish this would change among the medical profession...they need to be more educated on Brain aneurysm's...

Thank ~ you for sharing your story...Cyber ~ prayers your way...Colleen

Wow what a story!!!

Just curious where your bleed was and what type of surgery did they actually end up doing, and how long ago did this happen to you?

I am so happy the gods, buddha and multiple universes and of course your ancestors were smiling down on you!!

What a walking miracle you truly are.

Best wishes, healing thoughts and prayers to you!


The doctor gave me the option of coiling or clipping, and after hearing the explanation of each, I chose clipping. It just sounded more secure to me!

My aneurysm was behind my right eye, and I chose clipping. Believe it or not, while doing the first surgery, they discovered a “mirror” aneurysm on the left side behind my left eye, but it was too small at the time to clip. I had to wait a whole year for the second one to get big enough to clip. That was a very interesting year! I am currently on Inderal for high blood pressure.

Oh yes, my first surgery was in 1998, and the second aneurysm for the mirror aneurysm was in 1999