Testing possible?

I have a question for any one .... is there any testing that can be done, (and paid for by insurance) to tell if the annies can be inherited? My mom has had 2 annies in the past 2 years, and I was wondering if it were possible for me to get one.

Hi Marjorie...I was told...they donot know what causes "Brain aneurysm's" ....but they do say that if someone in one's family has annie's....very likely more in the family wil get them...I don't think there is a genetic test...

Hello Marjorie, If your Mom’s doctor indicates you need to be tested, some aneurysms are considered congenital and some not. They can do a CT or MRA scan to check you for aneurysms. As far as insurance, it probably depends on the individual’s coverage. Take Care and let us know how it goes. Mary

Thanks, Mary, Jo and Colleen. I do think I'm going to start with talking to my family doc and go from there and insist on being checked, if anything, for my own peace of mind.

Oh Please do Marjorie...no one in my family had aneurysm's before me...and at the age of 45 ... I started the family history....I was told if I had kids they should all be checked...and my sister's...esp one sister that has suffered from migraines for years..of course, to date so one has chosen to get tested...I think you are very smart to do this...~ Colleen

Hi Marjorie - as everyone has said, the only test at this time is either an MRI or CT. I have a strong family history - my mom has had two clipping surgeries for unruptured aneurysms. On my dad’s side, one of my aunts passed away from a rupture and two other aunts are living with aneurysms. My sister and I both decided to get checked…she was clear and I found out I had one which was clipped this past May. I think it is a good idea to get tested but that is just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Take care,

Marjorie, I echo Colleen’s plea. Except for my maternal grandfather who died of a stroke (possibly caused by an aneurysm); there was no one in my immediate family. But after my surgery, due to the type of aneurysm found; my surgeon strongly recommended my immediate family be checked. My parents choose not to be tested and to date my remaining brother has not scheduled an appointment to be tested. Drives my crazy, neither CT or MRA is invasive. It is wise to catch an aneurysm sooner than later. Surgery results and recovery are statistically better for people who have unruptured aneurysms, who are in relatively good health, and the younger the better when having any surgical procedure. Glad you are going to proceed. Take care, Mary