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Tax assistance - I need help

Does anyone know of an accountant or tax advisor? My taxes are in arrears - I’m overwhelmed and scared- I am post surgery 5 years! Any information is greatly appreciated!

I’ve been working as I was denied disability and am getting overwhelmed. Thank you for any advice.

You will need to find one in your state. Disability or not, we all get the responsibility of paying taxes and hoping there’s some left for us. I’m still paying taxes despite being on disability. I would look at any of the adult services areas in your county/state. There may be a group that can help you work through the process. If it’s federal, you might ask them or look on their website; if it’s state, do the same. I never claimed dependents, not even myself so I didn’t have to pay. Good luck!

Thank you very much!

Your welcome. Just thought of something else. If you do the long form, keep account of all your mileage to doctors offices, it’s a write off, as is medical bills after a certain point. If you want, send me your state and I will help you look for an avenue to get help

I did find this for Federal.

I am in MA. Thank you - I will be researching that Fed link. Many thanks!!

Not a problem! Will look up Mass when I get back, have a lunch date today!

Thank you! Good luck on your date :wink:

France, here’s the Mass website for delinquent taxes

You may have to hire a licensed, certified, accountant in your area. It’s amazing what a really good accountant knows about their state laws, and federal as well. Since we switched to a licensed accountant, we don’t pay $$$$$ we used to. It’s the knowing how to file. We used to use a person who took accounting, worked for a tax place like HR Block and rest of year worked at Sears. I strongly suggest you use one who’s livelihood is all accounting.

I too am in Massachusetts and am curious if this has been resolved. I am an attorney and know several accountants, but would need additional information before I can provide any assistance.