Survived Sandy!

First of all, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers that were sent our way. We survived Sandy, bearing only damage mostly from fallen trees, but thankfully no water damage, or power outages at least where I am.

However, I am supposed to be moving to the Cape May, NJ area this coming weekend, but not sure if that will be a reality at this point. May have to push that back a little. My best friend, who lives in Cape May, NJ did survive, luckily with little damage to her home and that of her children's homes. The home that we are moving into also survived, thank God, with no damage and luckily enough no power outage.

To all my East Coast BAF family and friends, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you begin the massive clean up from the devastation caused by Super storm Sandy. We will not soon forget you!

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature!

God Bless all.



Good to hear Linda and all others who survived the storm. God bless you all. Keeping all in my prayers.


Hi Linda...I think the move to Cape May might be on hold...they looked like they got hit hard, but often hard to tell with the news...Keeping all in the Northeast in my thoughts and prayers...~ Colleen

I'm envious, what a great place to live! I hope all goes well!!

hi linda! sorry i missed this-ty for posting.we're ok ,niece had tree fall on her house but kinda leaned over on it so not much damage , check out our pics on my page-one tree is 60',one is 30' snapped like twigs. We have another common thread!!!! --i spent many a summer on New York ave.,Cape May at a friends house-their family has a grand ole house there also ones in the villas near Wildwood, thanks again -you made my day having warm flashbacks of the 1970's on this frigid day!!! i can smell the salt air!!lol--****hugs, thoughts & prayers comin your way!!