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Survival Video

I survived a brain aneurysm rupture in Sept 2015, ICU, three surgeries, rehab etc. Nearly died 3 times! SURVIVED it all! The hospital asked me to record a video. Still recovering. Here it is (runs 2 mins):

Veronica James-Dr. Jethwa-Patient Story-v3 (1).pdf (321.1 KB)

Three Year Follow Up, from ANS.

Thanks for sharing and encouraging other survivors to perservere!

Thank you for sharing and very happy to hear that you are recovering. You look great!

Thank you, Moltroub and Sammy! This video was actually shot back in Sept 2016, one year post-rupture. Much more recovered now! Please see Three Year Follow Up article about my recovery and my amazing neurosurgeon!!

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I suffered the same on January 11 2016!
I too have had a marvelous recovery. Little to no residual side effects!
Keep on moving forward!