Surgery recovery

I was diagnosed with an aneurysm in Sept & just had clipping surgery on 11/25. Thought I’d be so glad it’s over but I’m a roller coaster of emotions

Hi Aleki!

Yes, I know how it is to be an emotional wreck after having a clipping...Don't be too terribly worried though, I think its to be expected . After both of my clippings, I 'went off' so badly at the guy from the electric company (who came and turned off our power)! and considering I had already paid the bill before I went in for surgery the week before this, OMG , that poor man had to be shocked to high Heaven as here I was, in my pajama's, in the middle of the day in our driveway and my black and blue face, , nice big clipping scar/stitches, screaming like a complete maniac--i'm not kidding it was insane how badly I went off the deep end on this guy--and the thing of it is, i've NEVER done anything even close to what I did that day, EVER... (Except after my 1st clipping that is--I screamed so hard and loud at my (then) boyfriend that I'm surprised I didn't break loose the newly placed clip on my aneurysm--and all he had done was bring me a big burrito for dinner--I ended that fiasco by throwing the burrito at him)...yeah, so I get it...!! Emotional I was didn't last though, honestly! I'm sure it won't be a forever thing for you either, its just getting thru the bumps in the recovery..My best to you in dealing with all of this, I know its not easy. Even in the best of recoveries. Peace, Janet

Aleki, I can remember have a lot of ups and downs emotionally for quite a while afterwards. I still have some emotional days even now. It is so early in your recovery, the emotional roller coaster does get better. So glad that you are here!!!

God Bless,

~ Carol

Ah Aleki...

You are getting some good advice from Janet and Liam...My are so early in the healing journey...and emotions do run wild...infact, many of us are diagnosed afterwards for some time with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)...right now your body and brain need lots of rest...prayers out to you ~ Colleen

It seems like mornings are the hardest, it takes me awhile to feel well enough to get out of bed & get going.

Hi Aleki, you will have ups and downs for awhile. It's been 1 1/2yrs since my clipping and I'm still going thru it. The best thing that happened to me was joining this site, it's made me feel lots better to know that others have experienced what I'm going thru. Your brain is healing, it takes some time. hugs :)

Hi Aleki

Roller coaster is a good analogy. I dealt with sadness, anger, and anxiety. It also took me awhile to get up in the morning. Try to be patient with yourself. You just went through major surgery. Your body and mind will take some time to heal. During my recovery I would come here and ask questions. It was a relief to know that what I was experiencing and going through was normal. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


awww hang in there Aleki-it has only been 2 weeks! Prayers of great healing for you~~~ ---its amazing how much we are alike, the sah's and the others, everything is magnafyed- all emotions and judgements,hang in there things definitely improve

It really does help talking to others. I ignorantly thought I’d have surgery & could move on. Maybe not ignorantly just hopeful!!! I get my staples out tomorrow & am nervous about that.