Stuttering? anyone else?

I asked my bonus son (stepson) if he noticed anything different about me as a person, and he said the only thing is that sometimes I stutter.

Not a huge and noticeable stutter, but I get hung up. Probably because I forgot my train of thought and stop mid-sentence. lol

anyone else? also, I notice when I read I switch letters around or put the wrong word for the actual word and have to go back and reread the sentence because it didn't make sense.

just these small things. it is weird.

Hi Amy...sorry about has to be frustrating...~ Colleen

Hi Amy,

I have noticed that from time to time when I read I switch letters around or put the wrong word for the actual word and have to go back and reread the sentence because it didn't make sense. It seems to be happening more as I get older! :-( Sometimes, I think it's from anticipating what will be said instead of actually reading it.


maybe that is it, but I am an avid reader and didn't do it before; or if I did - it wasn't noticeable. So frustrating. I mix my letters up too.

Hi Amy, I have definitely noticed the stuttering. It is usually when I’ m excited and feel I have a lot to say at once. Depending on the circumstance, it can make me angry at myself, or make me laugh! Accepting, and adjusting to the changes in my life since the ruptured aneurym and clipping has been one of the biggest hurdles of this whole journey, having just reached a new level of acceptance this week! It’s actually been almost a year and six months now, and wow what a struggle to finally start reaching more good days than bad. You’re doing good! Holly

Amy, I have notice a big difference on how the words come out of my mouth. Didn't think about it until after I read your statement. Ive been doing it since I came home from the hospital 20 mos ago, especially when I get pushed into saying something. Excited or nervous. Don't notice the reading as I haven't been able to read or concentrate on reading since my rupture. I feel like it has changed my life considerably to the worst. I keep trying but I'm to the point I'm not getting any better. Even as I read my statement it doesn't make sense. So I'll quit.

Aggie - (hugs) it made sense - now worries. I asked the Neuro at my first appt why I can't read or do my crosswords anymore. Why my lack of concentration was not working in this regard. He told me to give it time (hate that phrase). I have been gaining a little bit back at a time. I can't sit and finish a book like I used to. I will get there one day (I hope).

Yes! When nervous or overwhelmed I do get a slight stutter and will use the wrong words . like if trying to say "look at that truck " I'll say look at that house " I have learned to just laugh about it .

Hi Aggie,

Please don’t give up. Your statement makes sense to me. It reads very well. I think it’s quite normal to be self-conscious about this. I’ve always been concious of my “word finding issues”. Please be patient with yourself and try not to let others upset you or force you into speaking before you are ready. Your brain has been through a severe trauma and recovery takes time. The amount of time differs for all of us but, if you don’t feel that you are progressing, please ask for a referral to a speech specialist.

Take care.


Hello I dont think I caught your name, but anyway ditto to all the above, I do those things and my son and husband call it a glich, and we all laugh it off, there are many other gliches but the most obvious to the family is the one when I sound like Elmer Fud, (MS) I think it is just part of that communication part of the brain where the aneurysm ruptured. But if these little weird things we must contend with is all we have after a life threatening rupture we have alot to be thankful for.


Yesterday, when I was at coffee with a couple of ladies from my exercise class, I referred to my retirement as my divorce. I caught myself, one lady looked at me puzzled especially since I only a couple of minutes before had been talking about my husband. She then said, “that it must have been a Freudian slip” and we all laughed, I followed with "probably, because it had definitely been “time for me to go”. :-))


Hi Elke,

You have described me, very well. :-) So, the bad news is that you may also have these experiences for a long time.

When I first started working, one of my supervisors commented that it appeared that sometimes my brain was going faster than my "pen". I've remembered thus incident very well, so, I learned to take the time to review my writing and edit it before turning it in. (During freshman orientation at my university, the instructor told everyone that "good writing was not written, it was re-written". This was pre-annie, but it is something that I've kept in mind as being applicable to everyone.) Occasionally, you may notice that I haven't done such a good review job in my postings on BAF, especially if I'm writing from my iPad. :-)

Putting names to faces is definitely a challenge and can be very embarrassing on occasion. I have also learned that many other people forget names, too (and they probably haven't had an annie). So, if it's not someone that I'm supposed to know really well (like my brother), I will ask for their names again by first telling them my name.

Today, I was at an event where I was reacquainted with some people who I hadn't seen in 15 years or more and others who I didn't associate with this social group. Giving others my name and their reciprocating was really a big help. For those I know well, I'll will greet them with term of endearment until the memory bank can retrieve their names. Most often the name will comes in a few minutes. But, sometimes, it takes a lot longer. It does seem that the less stressed I am about it, the easier it becomes to retrieve the names.

Take care.


I am 8 months out from a SAH and I notice the stuttering especially when I am tired or stressed. I visited with a lady recently who survived a SAH 2 years ago and laughed when we noticed that in each other!

It is almost like the words need to be nudged out ocassionaly. It doesn't bother me a bit. It is just a part of who I am now and that is just ffine with me!