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Stress and rupture?


Are you ever afraid that stress will cause a rupture?

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I’ve yet to see any research, but it’s what three of my cousins tell me. One a PhD, one a dietician in hospital, one a surgical RN. If you find any research, can you post it?


I have a REALLY stressful job and I go home just feeling suffocated.


Abbycat , Any chance to decrease amount of hrs? My personal thoughts it’s better to reduce pressure . I love my work. But every day j felt so exausted and overwhelmed and very nervous . I reduced my hrs a little bit on a few days during a week and it helped . I am in a better balance ,not so extremely tired like it was before …

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Unfortunately, when you are a SPED teacher there is no rest. Especially, with sometimes violent Kids


I understand . If work makes us more tired and more unhappy rather then more happy or satisfied , it’s not good for anybody, anybody will worn out and start to have health problems . I would recommend more calm work , …


I used to have a high stress, high adrenaline job. I think we had discussed sharing the same client population. At work, say what you mean and mean what you say. As you know, your students for the most part, do better when there’s no surprises. I used baseball and had a three strikes you’re out rule. Boys did well with this once they figured out I meant it, usually a time out. Unfortunately kids with issues act out more, the safer they feel.

The enormous amount of politics in school systems or any government ran entity is mind staggering. You’re fighting for every inch of what should be provided to you. I never learned a way around it. Some of my peers were really adept at sucking up. I never had that gift.

Get a hobby! I found for every weed I pulled in the garden, I could “throw away” an issue. I also liked to carve and do some woodworking, right before rupture, I was learning pyrography. I’m still relearning all these.

Be careful in compartmentalizing as it doesn’t address the stress, it just keeps it bottled up. You might benefit from journaling. Give yourself a set time each day, after work, that’s just for you. Oh and exercise -walking is good.

Use some of the techniques SPED teachers use with their students - the deep breathing, the mindfulness, schedules. As a CPS SW, I couldn’t discuss the way my day went with the abuse, neglect, fatalities, etc when I got home. The department pretty much had no debriefing and when they started it, the powers that be invited in people who had not been involved… I should have gotten a therapist. But the ones I knew, were the ones that worked with the same population… I should have found someone outside our county.


I am a teacher too and I can empathize with your situation. I have hypertension (increasing my risk of rupture) and I have been trying to reduce my reliance on medication through diet and exercise. In monitoring my blood pressure, I am more frequently experiencing the high blood pressure during my work day and immediately after. I am proactively monitoring and trying to reduce my stress, but the time constraints in the school day with lack of breaks and the very hurried schedule make it hard not to feel tense. Also the constant emotional demands of working with kids is something that weighs on us. On a positive note, I have lost 6 pounds and have been able to come off one of the two BP meds I was on by focusing on whole foods and reducing my sodium intake. There are some good suggestions here. I wish you the best and wish our profession would take steps to reduce the ridiculous demands placed on us. :slight_smile:

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Well, it makes sense. If caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or anything that may raise blood pressure, is to be avoided, then why not stress? It certainly can raise the pressure!


Hello , saw this post I think it really has to be quite physical.i remember years when this site was just beginning and there was a fire fighter who taken down a pool she was a woman who had surgery and really pushed. SHE passed away put she didn’t change the way she lived. WE all got to know her through this site.
i think I did the same . After years go by you become numb to the fact there’s a possible explosion in your head. I have to admit I’ve slowed down because of ostoarthris, we don’t usually get to choose when to go. Don’t lose to much over this. I remember being where you all were and my Neuro tried so gently not to have me worry I was safe and in good hands.
The more you hear it you’ll start to believe and hopefully it will put your mind at ease.
I could tell you horror stories of what I went thru in my personal life at the same time and at 66 I just had my 29 hand surgeries,.on my right hand who righthanded thank god for my cat she drives the lawnmower, washes the windows, gets all the shots so she won’t hurt in joint. Pulls the weeds,does everything.i wish I could give you what you need to make you feel better. Only time will do that . Go outside pickup that wheel barrel and smile when the beautiful flowers come up. You’ll make it time is on your side just as they say the pain will go away after losing someone it will lesson . I assure you you’ll feel better as times goes on.

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Sorry if mistakes one hand really sucks, can I blame it on she had brain surgery!!!


Thank you. Most days I do not even think about it…but then someone says something that makes me remember that blobbo is there. ( I named it that)