Still worried about headaches/migraines 13 years later

Hi all,

Does anyone get headaches in the same spot that feel really weird? I had surgery 9/27/98 and had my first bout with a sinus headache/infection 2 years ago. I thought the aneurysm had come back then but was told that it couldn't come back in the same spot twice. I have had a headache for a whole day and it feels like a migraine. Light sensitive, can't touch my head in the spot of the aneurysm clip, short term memory seems like it's getting even shorter because I cannot think straight. I won't even say how long it took me to write this. I just want to know if anyone else knows anything about this headache thing.

Thanks for your support

Sorry about your headaches I have them too I had my op in 2002 and another the other side in 2003 I still get headaches now I recently had an mri/mra scan waiting for the results now. Couldn’t you see a neurosurgeon for a check up. Hope it alĺ works out for you.

did you get your vitamin b12 checked?


Migraine headache is associated with light sensitivity as well as the inability to concentrate. Are you getting headaches/migraines regularly or occassionally? My wife was clipped in 1994 and started getting numerous episodes of migraines since. Fortunately we have identified her headache/migraine triggers and it does relate to the clip and bone flap sutures. If you would like more info let me know.

Hi Jess, Laurie, and Ed.
I haven’t seen a neurologist for this condition. I see a neurologist for my sciatic nerve issue. I have nerve damage on my right side from my tail cheek to my foot. My physical therapist suggest B12 so I have been taking the B Complete. Ed, I would like more information because these migraines kick my tail when they do come. They come occasionally and stay for a few days. I will make an appointment to see my neurologist because I have also been experiencing tingling and numbness in my right hand.

Hi I get numbness in my face and arm too on both sides at different times so try not to worry while you wait to see neurosurgeon I was waiting years to see mine.


That's the downside of migraines - it just lingers. If you don't already take an abortive medication like Maxalt, ask your neurologist if he/she would let you try it. My wife takes Maxalt Mlt (Melt) 10mg at the first sign of her migraine. The quicker you take it the more effective it is. Many times she will need a second dose two hours later. You cannot take more then 3 in 24 hours otherwise some bad side effects will result. Maxalt is expensive (especially the melt version) and sometimes it's necessary to fight the insurance companies to get it covered. If you have nauseau accompanied with the migraine also request zofran melt. If you take it when you feel a bout of nauseau developing it can help (there is a generic version that is cheaper.) Once you talk to your Neurologist, let me know because I may be able to give you some advice on what non traditional triggers to look for. Good luck!

Hi Cynthia,

I also have (had) daily headaches since my craniotomy four years ago. Skip the neurologist if you can and go straight to a headache specialist. Most neuros will just prescribe a pill the headache specialist will address the triggers. My trigger is/was my craniotomy site. I have been diagnosised with trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias, which is a form of cluster headache. The treatment is oxygen therapy. I tried three different drugs and living on Advil before requesting a consultant with the headache specialist.

I highly recommend the book, Heal my headache 123 by David Buchholz to figure out your triggers.

I wish you luck.


Thank you Reg. I had been seeing a neurologist but I think it’s time to let him go. He hasn’t helped the situation get any better. He gave me antibiotics for my face swelling pain which never worked.

Hi Laura!
I like your suggestion. I will go the route of the headache specialist. This affects me every month. I recently had a bout with Vertigo and it was the worst. I went to the e.r. and was not even given at ct scan or mri. My BP was sky rocket high (I never had hbp).
I love the fact that we’ve all been through similar, if not the same experiences.
Blessings of Love to you all :slight_smile:

Thank you Ed. Unfortunately the neuro that I had been seeing was not interested in helping me. I will move on with Laura’s suggestion with seeing a headache specialist.
Blessings of Love to you

How are you Jess?


You mentioned face swelling. Is this on the same side as your craniotomy? I too have face swelling that is brought on by craniotomy site. Karen who recommended the Heal your headache 123 book, also recommended this pillow. I love it! It is soft yet supportive and helps to keep your face cool.

Yes it is on the same side. I’m getting that pillow. My husband and children will be able to breathe a little more. Thank you.


My neurosurgeon referred me to a neurologist that specializes in headaches. Best thing I have ever done. I was having migraines 5-6 times/week and was put on a couple of different preventative medications.

I am now going on a year of receiving Botox Treatments for migraines and it is has been wonderful.

I hope that you get some relief soon.

Take Care,

~ Carol

I had 3 anni's two surgeries and I still get head aches, I don't have answers for you but thought it would help to let you know you are not alone. I have one spot on the right side of my head just below where a clip is that is very sensitive and bulges out at times, it is usually followed by or triggered by a head ache-thankfully it does not last long, but the area itself is sensitive all the time- I had my first of two surgeries in November 2010 and February 2011- had risks so they had to do two sep surgeries-memory is a problem and I have been told I jumble my words. I hope your headaches are far and few between. Also keep bringing it up to your doctors- you are your best advocate.

Thank you Carol. I hope to find something that will work for me.

Hi Anita!
I had been bringing it up every time I went. I was starting to wonder if my neuro needed a hearing aid. I had to quit him. I wrote this post 3 years ago, that is how long I’ve been with that doctor’s office. We just broke up so I can find someone who knows about anni’s. Lol