Source of bleeding

Hi guys,

I had a brain bleed that was apparently caused by AVM. Since they also discovered an aneurysm, how do they know which lesion bled? This makes me very nervous as my aneurysm is untreated. I had a non-contrast CT, non-contrast MRI and two angiograms. Do any of those tests show where the bleeding source was? It seems wrong to leave the aneurysm alone if that's what bled. Please help! I'm so lost. Thanks.

Hi Lynz...Maybe you should get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with what your Doctors have told you...however, if at anytime you feel something isn't right (worse headache, double vision, etc.,) Seek medical attention...Also, you may want to put this question out at "Ask the Doctor"... click below, but it can take a few days for an answer...~ Colleen

Yes those tests will help doctors to determine weather it was the AVM, aneurysm or both that bled. The only thing I'm wondering is why they did the CT and MRI without contrast dye, however it really doesn't matter because either way AVM or aneurysm it's an angiogram that's really the gold standard so far as diagnostics are concerned and you've had two.