Social Security and Redeterminaion

Hi, I had a cerebral aneurysm in Nov. 2005. After climbing through the SSA hoops (appeals etc.) I was deemed disabled and was granted SS benefits in Dec.2007. They told me I have to be redetermined in 3 years. Since the aneurysm, I developed Major Depressive Disorder and Acute Anxiety, for which I’m being treated for but the results haven’t made me any better. I am not half the person I once was. I also still get pains where the operation was performed (the famous dented temple!) Had cat scans and all that and was seeing a neurologist because I suffer small seizures from time to time. What I really want to know is what the redetermining process is by the SSA and how it works, and what might chances are to have it go in my favor. The mental health clinic I go to said not to worry, since they are the only doctors and clinicians I see, as my state benefits stopped and I don’t have Medicare Pt. B. Has anyone gone through this re-determination process? It would ease my worried mind. Thank you

i put in for it also going though the loops now is it a nightmare?

Are you putting in a new disability claim? If so yes, a 2 year process. I am on disability ssi. I am supposed to be redetermined after three yrs.

You were lucky , i had to go thru all the appeals then the hearing which i got approved and my reward letter. They said initially i would be redetermined in 3 years. I was awarded it in Dec 2007. I saw some Neurologist for a while, but I don’t have Pt B medicare because If i took it at the time I couldn’t afford my rent. But as a side effect from the initial operation, I developed Major Depressive disorder and Anxiety disorder, and have had 4 or 5 suicide attempts. So I am being treated at a local mental health facility. So they have all the medical info on me and will help in my re-determination. I still have real bad headaches and sometimes small blackouts or seizures. I am working with social services in my town to work with the state to help pay up to $96.40 towards part B so I can see doctors regularly. So all in all my re-determination will be based on my mental issues (Depression) and whatever info I can get from the Neurologist,( who is a jerk) and I was getting Keppra for my seizures. My biggest problem is that I am not the person I once was and what i use to be able to do and have a hard time dealing with that. My clinician told me they never had a problem with re- determination for Mental disorders. I was kinda mad we didn’t get a cost of living increase this year. I was living with someone for 2 years, but am on my own place small but its home. And I got assistance from Medicare for my meds from a place called Medco where I don’t pay a monthly fee, and my meds are super cheap. But I still am dealing with the after effects of my aneurysm.I am always afraid I’ll have another and not make it. You can message me back, but as far as the phone goes, I’ll think about that. I do have a cell and am not charged for mobile to mobile. But thank for taking the time to hear me out and I’d like to hear your experience as well. I am glad just to be alive. Peace and Love, Charley