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Looking for thoughts

I am a 52 year old male and i started to have headache and light handedness, so i went to my Doctors back in March 6th 2016, he sent me to get a MRI, that’s when they found the aneurysm. I’ve been out of work every scene, i have been collecting state disability untill, it ended in April 2017, i applied for social security disability and was denied, i applied for cash aid and scene i have no little children i was denied. I had my aneurysm clipped on 5/30/2017 and I’m still in recovery and unable to work with no income. I’ve sold everything I own and borrowed money from friends and family to pay my utilities and food. Im at my wits end. I am so stressed out about the aneurysm and concerned about whats might be next. I don’t know what to do any more. My doctor says three more week of recovery than he will see if i can go back to work. But he doesn’t know if I will be able to drive professionally any more. I just dont know what to do. I would appreciate any thoughts that might help.

Apply again or appeal their decisions. Before you do research what your state requires for approval. Then reapply or appeal.

Did you have any medical problems from the surgery? Did you have it clipped or coiled? Did you have a vasospasm? Sorry for the questions but those answer could help me help you more. I’m sorry you are struggling so much. I feel your pain. We were homeless when the er found my aneurysm and I couldn’t work bcuz the aneurysm. I had my craniotomy on 7/29/17 I’m still recovering and I had a vasospasms and have complications from the surgery. So I am still unable to work. You always get denied the first time for disability but if you have enough disabilities keep trying and you will get it if your doctor says you are unable to work. Hope to hear back from you.