Sneezing and getting severe head pain

I was just wondering if anyone else gets a severe pain in their head when they sneeze? It seems to come from where the aneurysm on the whole left side of my head.

Lucy the same thing happens to me also. I could be doing fine for hours and if I sneeze it is all over. The pain is a sharp shooting pain but mine is on the opposite side of where my clipping is. I find that sneezing changes the pressure in your brain the most and just about anything that changes the pressure causes pain (coughing, yawning, stretching, etc.) I wish I had answers but unfortunately I don't. I have a follow-up on June 3rd and that is on the top of my list of questions. I'll share if I find out anyting useful. Take care, Carol

Thank you so much Carol because I experience the same as you. I went to my grandson's baseball game yesterday and yelled when he hit the ball and thought my head would explode. Just quiet voice for me. Thanks again Lucy

Sometimes it is hard to explain, or to even understand outselves, the "changes" we go through. I started a blog about the new and improved Carol :) I helps me to keep this as a journal. I find that things do get better and with a journal I am reminded of that. It is good to go back and read how tough it was a few months after surgery and see where I am now, that makes me feel better. I think the other area that still bothers me terribly is light. It is tough to drive at night or be in strong sunlight. My main clipping was on my left ophthalmic artery so that may be why. Stay strong, Carol

Oh Yes ! I feel like I'm gonna bust a bust a coil ! lol I also get sudden head pain when Yawning ,not always but sometimes .

Coughing, sneezing, etc cause pain/headache

Hi Lucy, I was coiled January 13th & managed to go 5 weeks lol before I sneezed. My hubby had put shake ‘n’ vac on the carpet & before I knew it out one came!!! & by George did it hurt! infact it hurt so much I cried (1) because of the pain & (2) because I panicked something had happened to my coils :frowning: I worried myself so much that I rang the neuro ward. The lovely nurse advised that it was expected to hurt a little & after 5 weeks she very doubted that anything had gone wrong. She told me that they don’t advised patients not to sneeze after being straight after their op. I really wouldn’t worry :slight_smile: take care, love Claire -x-

My head and neck hurt quite a bit when I sneeze, cough and yawn. I also have a difficult time moving my head left to right. Doing this causes severe pain on the right side of my neck. I have a cerebral spinal fluid problem that is related to the Chiari 1 malformation I have. These could contribute to my head and neck pain. I am so new to this. I am still learning.

It always makes me feel better when I am not the only one experiencing some of these unexplained strange things that happen since PED. Thank God for my new friends and for BAF. Lucy

Lucy I agree. Sometimes you think nobody else has ever gone through this and had these issues. Then you post here and ... nice to know that you are not alone (not a hypochondriac, not imagining it, not over reacting, etc.) :) It makes it tolerable even if there is no solution.

Absolutely Carol. Your family doesn't get it, your coworkers don't get it, and your friends don't get it. Only here where we are all going through this does it make sense. We may not like all these things that are happening, and we don't understand it, but it is comforting to know you have somewhere to turn where people do get it. I am only four weeks since my PED and I don't know what I would do without this site.

Hey Lucy. Yes INDEED. I'm so glad ya'll shared this, because I didn't know why it happens. It's been or will be four years in Aug. for me, ruptured aneurysm, coiled, and I too have a sudden severe head pain when I cough, sneeze, yell to much, or something bounces or jars my head. I told my family it feels almost like someone hits me in the back of the head with a baseball bat or something, and it goes away after a minute, most times, now and then I'll get a headache if it's very much coughing.

Nell Denova

I am glad to hear I am not the only one with this!!! Hope it is temporary!!!

Omg i was just about to start a discussion about the coughing and sneezing. i said let me see if anyone else has the same issue, and there you go...ok great i'm not alone :-)...we are a special group of people

I've tried to find someone else with these happening but all this time just now with Lucy's post, thanks everyone. I don't feel like it's JUST ME, or all ín my head.'lol Nell

A lot of us have talked about this in the chat room. We all grab our head when we cough or sneeze. It hurts quite a bit.


I feel like an idiot I've never seen chat rooms on this site, wish I had known :) This is one thing that makes me feel as if the old Carol will not be back until I can sneeze, cough, yawn, stretch, move my head quickly, roll over in bed, etc. without pain. Then again, someone here once said "they put pieces of metal in your head, do you really think you are ever going to feel totally normal again?"

Sneezing is bad, but coughing is worse for me. When I cough inside my head feels like its filling up with air just for as long as I am coughing. When I first came home I got the hiccups… Thought my head was gonna fall off.