Ski helmet caused a little pain where my bypass is

Dear Friends,

It’s been a little over 1 year since bypass (MCA). My bypass has redirected the blood from infront of the aneurysm to behind it. so my blood flows in front of my ear (externally), down through a permanent hole in my skull into my brain connected into the artery behind the aneurysm. Anyhow, at 6 weeks, I was given full clearance for anything and that includes wearing hats. They said hats would not be able to put enough pressure on my head to cause any interference with blood.

We went skiing yesterday. I wore a helmet for the first time (I’ve been wearing hats no problem). After about 5 hours, my ear where the blood is was really hurting and so the skull area above it was tender. I had sharp shooting pains in my ear. I don’t believe I had any issue with blood flow, but I don’t think the doctor was correct about helmets causing no issues.

Anyone else notice hats or helmets don’t always fit/work correctly anymore? I’m not sure if I should continue to wear one. Will contact the doctor.

Hi there. If it makes you feel better, I’m ten years s post surgery. There are days that a hat can be uncomfortable. I’m no longer allowed to snow ski. Maybe, just where helmet for shorter times.
Good luck

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Ok thanks. Do you notice changes in your skull shape? I feel like some days, but not all, my sunglasses don’t fit on my face, but other days they are fine. As if I’m having some inflammation or something because the glasses go lopsided.

I would also chime in with the thought that a HELMET is much different from a HAT.

You may need to be fitted for a new helmet as they don’t have the give that a hat has and will probably create pressure points that are different post-op.


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Yes, I was wondering about that. It took about 4 hours before it hurt, so I’m not sure how I’d be able to know if a fit was good. Brain dilemmas!

Goodmorning. Yes, I do have trouble with sunglasses. When the noggin gets inflamed, fluid comes to the rescue which caused a little swelling.

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trekhard, since it took about four hours before you started having issues maybe take the fact that your helmet is starting to bother you as a sign you’ve done enough for the day? that it’s time to take the helmet off and rest?


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I was upset none of my hats fit, they were all too small. I had an in-depth discussion with my Neurosurgeon about it and she couldn’t figure out why… eight months after the last coiling, my hats that couldn’t be adjusted started to fit again. I think azurelle is right, take it as a sign you’ve done enough and rest for an hour or so. My guess is the same as azurelle, call your doctor, a helmet sits much different on the head and may cause some pressure at certain points. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t start getting sniffles from the cold when skiing or snowboarding. I wonder if it’s possible the cold wind can swell the sinus cavity and a helmet just tries to spread the swelling so to speak

Good idea, didn’t even occur to me!