Sister's aneurysm

My sister was told that her aneurysm was "very worrisome". Will have surgery soon (clipping) but needs a angiogram before. she was told that an aneurysm is like a bulge, but hers has another bulge... does anyone know what that means?

The Angiogram is the Gold Standard test for Brain aneurysm's and will tell the Neurosurgeon so much more information...if you click above at the BAF website there is information on the angiogram...keep us posted...your sister is in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

She is scheduled for angio march 7… Seems quite far away.

That happens in this journey...your sister needs to make sure her Bp is being heavy smoking and no drink overly stressing (I know that is hard)...and if she feels anything isn't right...and/or bad headache to seek medical attention...I will write the date and keep her and you in my prayers ~ Colleen

Thank you