Sinus Infection or Mini Stroke?

So Tuesday I had to have a co-worker take me to the ER from work because all of a sudden I couldn't see out of my right half of my right eye. The left one was fine. The only way to explain it is to say it looked like someone was holding a piece of paper over half of my right eye. I could see fine out of the other half. And only that eye!

So at the ER, they did a CAT scan and an MRI. After 6 hours of laying there, starving and getting thirsty, they said it was a sinus infection and a progressive migraine. Even though I didn't have a headache until I was leaving. And a very minor one at that! So they gave me some antibiotics and sent me home. They wanted me to follow up with my neurosurgeon.

So the next day I called my neurosurgeon. They said they looked at the report and images and didn't see a new bleed or new annies. AWESOME! But they did say they wanted me to check with my physician asap.

My physician got me in later the next day (he's awesome!) an reviewed every report and image and listened to my story. He insists that I had a mini-stroke. He still said that the images show the start of a sinus infection, but with the vision problems, that do still linger but not as bad, he thinks it is symptoms of a stroke. He says I'm a go-getter pushing too hard to get better and I need to slow down.

So has anyone else ever gone through this? Just one eye acting up and then have it called a mini-stroke? Guess I'm gonna be Google-ing this now. Just thought I'd get opinions from everyone here too. Who would you believe? I don't have a stuffy runny nose and no pressure int he sinus area either. And my vision is getting a little better but instead of the whole side being white, I jsut see small patches of white. Looking forward to your replies!


I've have. I am 90% blind in my left eye. However: As my 'deerest' friend says: I forgot to die! We are ALL VERY lucky to be alive. My mother says 'stroke' my DOCTOR says NOT!! HE 'retired' HER!!

E if U would like: marianne_39506@hotmail (My daddy named me after the old song "Marianne Sitting by the Seashore Shifting Sand" I am now in an 'assisted living' 30 minutes from mother but lived YEARS in Gulfport, MISS where SHE grew up, My only child was born there. This is an 'assisted living' 30 min from her...

hi tina,

Im not a doctor but i do have mini strokes at times due to a pin hole leak in one of my annies,it pops and heals,they hope over time the scar tissue will make it tougher etc.Anyway back to the question,when a mini stroke happens with me i know about it,my face goes numb,one side of my face drops,i cant stand the light ,i slobber (LOL) i shouldnt laugh at slobber but i just imagined a dog frothing at the mouth.

I loose ability in my left hand but over time i have learnt the difference with migranes,sinus,high blood pressure, mini strokes and big bangs it lasts about 16hrs and i lye flat so my blood pressure stays even.I used to go to the hospital but the hassel of having to travel the distance for scans then spinal teps etc became a bigger pain than the mini stroke itself.Only a drop goes on the brain surface a tiny tiny amount.I would go with what the neuros said,did your vision go like water in one eye? the room was full of smoke?or parts were blocked because of white star like things?

Take care darlin



I had this happen to me prior to finding out that I had an aneurysm. It started with pains on the right backside of my head that felt like sinus pressure building up in my head. I took a Tylenol Sinus, then suddenly the pressure and pain got so bad I thought something was going to burst in my head, or that I might die. I suddenly loss vision in my right eye. The Opthamologist says I have a subretinal hemmorhage. They speculate about it but still don’t know for sure what happened. It happened right after I had the flu.

I had a few mini strokes (called Transient Ischaemic Attacks if duration is less than 1 hour) soon after my coiling with stent. I have more information in my blog ( I have also attached a link that I find useful in recognizing if you are having a stroke. A stroke is a serious thing and you need to go to ER as soon as you even suspect it MIGHT be a stroke. Better safe than sorry.