I just got out of the hospital. My husband and I were at the Meadows Casino when he noticed that I was acting strange. He said I walked to the car, but once I got in the car and we drove away, I stiffened and started to seize. I was doing fine, when suddenly this happened out of nowhere. No symptoms and the seizure lasted 5 days. After being checked out in the ER, I was put into a regular room when they realized that I was still seizing. I was immediately intubated and placed in ICU for 4 days. After that I went back to a regular room for another 5 days. This has been a horrible experience. I had no symptoms which scares me to death. Not sure how to handle this other than prayer. I am back in rehab because I am so weak and I stagger when I walk. Please pray for me, friends and I'll keep you posted on my progress.


Oh Monique...Gosh I am so sorry...I hurt for you. Prayers coming your way ~ Colleen

Dear Monique,

I am praying for you and hope that you have had success in your rehabilitation. Also prayers for answers as to why you are now having seizures.