Back in hospital again

Hi folks

This is now my 4th stay in 3 weeks.I am also in isolation as I have developed neutrophenia.....or however it's spelled. My white cells are critically low that I can't fight infections just now.they changed all epilepsy meds so I'm

getting very tired now. Will keep in touch


HI Chris...I am so....oh sorry for all you are going through...Gosh...please know that daily you will be top of my and heal...and keep the faith and hope alive...~ Cyber~hugs and prayers your way ~ Colleen

So sorry Chris. Praying for you right now.

Be well.


Hi Chris--

I'm so sorry this has been happening, Liam gave some very excellent 'been there' advice for sure, got to be super vigilant/total advocate in your care as your body sorts thru all this. Peace to you Chris, Janet

Phenytoin was the culprit here too! Had the bloods done every day and cells are up to a safe level again now so can get showered etc. I am very sickly but think that is from the clobazam and doubling up epilim. All that said I am going home tomorrow all being well :slight_smile: watch this space

Thank you Amy :slight_smile:

Thank you Colleen you are very kind


Janet i think iIt's so difficult because last year's was just a 3 day hospital stay and no seizures this is 18 days now and im tired

Bless you


Chris i'm glad they've figured out the culprit so you can get released and go home ! ! ! (yeah, 3 days is one thing, 18 days quite another!) Peace, Janet

Chris…please know you are in my prayers…keep believing.