Side Effects

Hello all, this marks the third week since my twin sister had the coiling done. She is progressing well.. although as of today she's having some numbness and tingling in her face. Is this a side effect? or something that needs Dr's. attention. thanks


Hi Lolita...I can't remember if I had tingling, but I didn't have could be a side effect~and this is just my opinion, but anything thing that seems odd to you and/or the Doctor's office, even if you only talk to his nurse...but ask ... if this is common and should your sister be seen, it is better to be safe ~ Keep us posted ~ Cyber ~ thoughts ~ Colleen

Hi Colleen, my sister is back in the hospital for testing.. to see what's going on and if she's had another stroke. I'll keep you guys posted.

Oh Please do Lolita...

Just remember she is in the right place, if she is having some issues...and maybe it is good...they can solve them and perhaps she can start to heal...Prayers to your sister and to you too...~ Colleen

I'm glad that she is in the hospital so that they can check everything. It's always so scary when something unusual is happening to us. Take care and hope that it is only a temporary thing.


Lolita, so sorry to hear that there was a need to go back in; but good that she is back in.

Please be sure to ask them about the cranial nerves in the location of the aneurysm and/or its access route. I think the facial nerve is CN VII. You may want to research cranial nerves and ask ask ask questions. The only cranial nerve usually noted here is the optic (CN II); tho one member noted trigeminal (CN V).

Prayers for your sis and you and your family, for her recovery. I always get surprised hearing of strokes post-discharge.


Hi Lolita, I hope your sister is doing well. I am glad your she is being checked out at the hospital.

I am almost 3 wks post coiling and have numbness on the right side of my neck, from just beneath my right jaw to my collarbone. When I first came home it seemed like a phantom sensation that I was still wearing my oxygen…But now it’s just a persistent numbness/tightness on my right neck.

This may not be the same feeling your sister is having but I will be curious what she learns. I hope all is well for her and that she is well on the road to recovery. The other day the on- call physician said it can be common to have some numbness, vision issues (I called b/c I had a grey cloud over 1/4 my rt eye’s vision), and headaches as the blood clears from the bleed. I’ve heard this could also be from the catheter itself or intubation. Still trying to reach my dr himself to hear it from him for reassurance. Hoping it’s just side effects/ healing effects for your sister.


Cindy, welcome and wishes for a great recovery

Please talk to your neuro about your vision and a referral to a neuro-ophthalmalogist...

Driving on the freeway, I quickly rotated my eyes in traffic, it was like a black tarp was flown across and it faded to gray/green ... I do not drive on fatigue days; and, yes, I passed the state driver licensing tests for med related issues...pretty scary because that test was before my memory of the gray-green tarps...I was coiled... I took vision therapy for mnths which correc ted much of my vision loss; but not the upper peripheral; I do not have concern for seeing rooflines / planes when I drive.

Did the on-call md tell you which cranial nerve(s) related to your numbness?

Please ask your neuro, for public and personal safety about status and referral to neuro-oph...and any driver restrictions / testing in your state.

Prayers for your recovery