Shunt Question

Hi, I have a VP shunt, when I lift my head up, the tube that runs down my chest feels very tight and hurts. I was just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if its normal! Thanks a lot!


Amy, I get that sometimes on the side of my neck, where the tubing is. I would ask your doctor on your next appt. or sooner if it’s bothering you. There is a great site with lots of info: Hope this helps. Kim

Hi Amy I was wondering if a shunt is permanant or temporary. Thanks Laurie

Thanks so much Kim, I looked up that site and it was very useful…Laurie, a shunt is basically permanant. You may not need it permanently, it depends on when your brain heals, but after your brain is healed, then the shunt just stays where it is, unless down the road, you get an infection of some type in or around the shunt. I am hoping to find out at my next ct scan if my brain has healed enough to not be life reliant on my shunt. :slight_smile:

Amy, It is a great organization. I have called them with questions and they were very helpful. I would be curious how long you have had your shunt and was it because of a rupture?

Hi Kim, I have had my shunt since September and yes I got hydrocephalus because of a ruptured aneurysm. I take it you have a shunt as well?