Should I be worried?

I have an annie that was picked up starting with my eye doc he thought it was a 5-7mm bulging nerve in the beginning of June. I had an MRA about a week and a half later the retina specialist said it was an 8mm annie. Had an angio last week they told me friday I now have 2 annies on either side of my brain one on the right is now 9mm and the newly discover lefty is 4mm. Is it growing or spreading out that fast? I don’t understand what is happening. Now Dr. Neurosurgery is on vacation for about 3 weeks and he hasn’t called or a had a nurse call or nothing. I only found out what they saw because the Dr. who did the angio told me. I am mentally disabled and all of this information is sending me into major depression and panic attack tale-spin. I am thinking about going inpatient, but they can’t administer my ECT (electro current therapy) until the annie is repair. Because your blood pressure spikes during ECT and that would possibly cause annie to rupture. I am seeing another doctor at the brain aneurysm center tomorrow. What can I say to this doctor to make him understand how many ways not fixing this could kill me? How I ECT is the first treatment that ever helped me feel “normal”? My brain was messed up just fine without knowing any of this. Help!

Firstly, so sorry to hear how messily this news has come to you, and can imagine it has made your fear and worries so much worse. The good news is that you are seeing an aneurysm doctor from an aneurysm centre tommorow so should get the correct information and support that you need right now. Some aneursyms are not seen, even on MRA and those that are can be misdiagnosed in size so try not to think that all the findings and increase in size over the short time is accurate and that things have necessary changed, Having three different diagnoses hasn't helped i'm sure but try to stay positve that the aneursyms have been found before they ruptured and can now bealt dealt with. Once you know the path you should take you shall find we are all here to help you along your way. Stay strong!!!

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I have been suf

fering from the same neglect with doctors, but finally was able to get an MRI/MRA ER but their was no neurologist on staff at Hospital last night they said everything is fine and released me while I was in wheelchair with constant pressure and pain in base of head. They also called me back from waiting room for another MRA ....sounds real fishy. I'm glad to have read reassures me that Doctors can still mis read MRA....I know what my symptoms are and what I feel every single day...pressure never lets up for a sec! When I get excited or eat pressure becomes 10 fold till I have to lay down and vomit my food because the pressure even chewing starts from the base of the skull and radiates throught the head and mubness starts on my rightside of body along with speech imparement. I laying in bed with head elevated to prevent any more pressure intensifying can't sleep or eat because of it....its very serious and believe 100% its aneurysm in the brain possibly more from left & right side of base of skull. I ltake lorazapam to alleviate the pressure some but doesn't stop it. I was studing in school and working fulltime when this happened and have since been in the bed and lost 40 lbs because when I eat it intensifies greatly with protruding veins throughout my body like spider webs then subsides as soon as I raise them above head. Hoping to hang in till tuesday to try to get my scans sent to a neurologist for further review. I need advice anywould greatly be appreciated so much.

Thank you all!

Robert "Bobby" Barbetta

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