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Severe anxiety

I’m looking to get some opinions or hear others experiences. I had my surgery August 23 of this year. I’ve been dealing with horrible anxiety since finding out and got worse after the surgery. They plan of doing an angio in March to check the progress of my pipeline but I don’t know that I can wait that long. I’ve been started on Zoloft for ptsd but it seems like my anxiety keeps coming back with a vengeance. I’m considering asking my dr if they will do my angio earlier for some peace of mind but I don’t know that they will do this or if it will even help.

Any others out there with similar experience or experience with starting antidepressants and moving the dosages?

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Sometimes the doctors pick the wrong type or dosage for the individual. Years ago a doc put me on an antidepressant and it actually made me depressed, her response was “well I guess you weren’t depressed” roflol. If you have a CBT therapist in your area, try them. In my experience working with families, I saw that antidepressant work better with a good therapist.

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I do have severe anxiety. Mine gets so bad I can’t drive or leave my house. I’ll stay in bed until someone comes home and I won’t shower unless someone is here or on the phone with me. I have very bad panic attaches. I live in the country and scared that something is going to happen and I’ll be alone. It freaks me out. I talked to my phyc Dr he put me on meds only to make it worse I wanted to jump out of the car in traffic on the freeway as I was in a panic… So no more of those go tomorrow to see him again. Hopes of new meds…
I go in for my clipping Feb 7. I have 3 aneurysms I’m just scared to death… The closer it gets the worse my anxiety gets…

I’m so sorry you are going through this but you will make it through. I’ll share a little of my experience in hopes it will help you! I’ve been seeing a therapist that helps give coping mechanisms, I don’t believe you should be on antidepressants without also doing therapy.
When I first decided I needed to try medication for my anxiety they gave me Effexor. About an hour after I took it I felt horrible and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I ended up in the ER with a panic attack that lasted an entire weekend I swear. I never took that again! About a month after that experience I was in my dr office again this time in absolute crisis. I was crying every morning, I had lost 10 pounds, I was terrified to be alone! She convinced me to try Zoloft and said I had to take it and give it a try. She started me on a child’s dose. The first three days were really hard and I didn’t leave my house or bed but I got through it and it actually helped. I recently went up on my dose to a normal dose for my diagnosis “ptsd” and I actually am feeling pretty good.
My point is please try again with a different medication. It really will help you.
Other things I’m trying is stretching in the mornings I feel anxious. Cleaning. Oil diffuser that’s calming. And I ordered a weighted blanket.

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Well I went and seen my phyc Dr yesterday and he put me on Zoloft as well as Xanax for my panic attaches. I guess wanting to jump out of a moving car is not exciptable lol or freaking out in the shower. I’m struggling and tariffied. I have struggled with panic attaches in my 20’s and they were so bad I would pass out. I just want all this done and over with. This is all just to much. Will my life ever be normal again??
And with all my co-pays I can’t see a therapist. I can’t afford it. So I keep going the best I can without one. But I do see my phyc dr to make sure I get my meds.

Im glad you got something to help you out. Just remember it takes awhile to adjust. If you can find a Christian counseling place in your area they may work with you. That’s what I did. My copay for therapy was $50 a visit which isn’t really doable on top of all your other appointments. They brought my copay down to $20.

Trazodone 100mg
Celexa 40mg
Both taken at night to help me sleep

I had bad anxiety after my rupture/clipping/month in the hospital (Oct 2015). I added a magnesium supplement to my diet while still having to take Keppra for the seizures I went through & it REALLY helped. Did that for about 6 months afterwards. Last year, the anxiety returned & I managed it with CBD oil for about 6-7months. Ended up quitting the job that seemed to trigger my anxiety & have been good ever since. I still have days where my anxiety gets bad but breathing & relaxation helps. Not able to take either now as I am 6 months pregnant but looking forward to adding the CBD back into my daily regiment once I’m able to. I personally felt like it really did me good.

So sorry to hear that your having a hard time. With my story I had a clip done in 2014 and I to was feeling all of what you are. Your body is tell ya, calm down and breathe. I found that keeping myself busy and listening to music while I walk help me before my surgery. After it was like I had a loss, wasn’t sure what to do, how to do things, will I be ok . Unless you go through something like this it’s hard to talk to others that haven’t. I went to therapy, went to groups and talk to doctors, nothing felt like it was working for me until I reach out to the church for help… I found that by talking to others that believe in god and knowing there is faith and love waiting for me and all I had to do was to ask, made me feel that I wasn’t alone, that I was loved and I may never figure out the whys… I knew I was safe with god and just knowing that gave me a peace of mind…knowing at any time of day or how I was feeling, all I would do is ask god for help and he’s never let me down.I have never look back but only forward and every day it gets better.
Please try the church…I don’t believe in medicating but I do believe in god now ( I didn’t always ) and I really want to help you.
Keep up dates on how your doing, the answer to what you’re asking is right in front of you…have trust.:shamrock:


Remember, you have to look at things differently now - this is YOUR life - no one can change that. If you don’t feel comfortable, get a sit down with your doctor and lay it out. They may not understand your level of concern. If they still don’t, you can always get a 2nd opinion!

Misty, try your county’s adult programs. We have a place called Family Guidance that has therapists for a nominal fee. Also check your insurance, when I was working, we had a dozen or so free sessions per year. When I lived in Northern Cali, that county had several different avenues for free to almost free therapy. Please make sure whomever you see is licensed. The other thing you may want to try is a support group. If your county is large enough, there may be one for brain aneurysms, check the Joe Niekro or BAF sites, though I think Niekro foundation is more prevalent on the West Coast. Another thing you may want to look into is contacting the University in your area - there may be students working on their Masters or PhD that might be doing some work, I believe San Diego has such an outreach.

You post resonates with us. So glad you shared!