my sister has developded pneumonia overnight and iam very concerned. Can anyone tell me how serious a setback this is.

Pneumonia is serious...however, with proper can be cured...

Gothca your sister in my prayers...!

Thanks Colleen

Thanks Jim


All I can give are my prayers for her healing...

There are a number of things that can occur from any surgery or interventional treatment...

Please keep us updated; and, accept my apologies if you have written earlier and I have missed it.


my sister is in day 6 in the icu after her rupture .shes been awake but im not sure if she knows im there.can anybody who is a survivor tell me what thier first memory is or tell me if they knew what had happend to them .she looks at me but i dont think she knows who i am

I had a rupture and was out about 3 weeks, I was brain dead and came back, I din’t know anything when I came to, I remenber what happen, I had fell over dead in shower they had to bring me back. As family told me things I could remenber most of them. after they reminded me. Its been 6 months and things are still froggy but I’m alive, Be sure and do a lot of talking, if shes like me shell have a lot of question and needs help rembering, i still ask questions I will keep her in my prayers

Hi Larry...

It takes time...this is a long journey...sometimes it is good that we don't know what is going will sure to communicate your questions to her Neurosurgeons...

~And ~

Know that I am keeping you both in our prayers...!

Hugs Colleen


My memory took years to recover to the point that still stumbles...Larry I could not say my name! I had a lot of what I call visual flash memories (VFM)s....I could see a face or a place and have no memory of conversations...

When I was first awake after treatment... I could not even say my name...let alone much else.. Recovery time varies a lot for all of us based on the location of rupture, the level of the subarachnoid hemorrhage and whatever else.

Please hold her hand give her hugs (around the IVS, etc) so she will sense you are there beside her.

Larry, your sister is in my prayers...for recovery of pneurmonia and her aneurysm healing...