Second Aneurysm growing

I have been a member of this group since 2009. From the time I was diagnosed with my first aneurysm, it has been the place where I get the most comfort. I’ve recently learned that a smaller aneurysm I have has started to grow after 10 years of no growth. I found out 3 days after I separated from my spouse. I now have to face another surgery alone. I went through the first one alone. I am depressed, scared and don’t know if I can through that all again.



I’m truly sorry you are facing this and alone. I’m glad you found support here. I am in my ninth year post rupture and was alone, it was longcomplex rehab, would not wish to go through it again either, just started to feel stronger and less alone when COVID struck us all.
Life is unpredictable, that we can be sure of. At times I wonder if the things that happen medically are getting from aging and the rupture and other rare illnesses just make it a less ordinary journey. There are no simple answers.
I intended to write a note of comfort to you, but seems I’m posing on the lack of predictability or knowing what comes next.
If that is life and what we face, alone or not, please do whatever is best for you. even if they are only little things each minute that give you peace and relief, like a deep breath, a nap, a smile to or from another, hearing a child giggle, petting a fur baby, talking to a favorite person. hearing funny story or watching a favorite movie or hearing a favorite tune….mine is ‘you’ve got a friend’.
Best wishes.


@kelly_b you are not alone, we are here! You’ve been a member for much longer than I have. If you’ve been reading the newer topics, you will know that medical knowledge has come a long, long way since you joined. It’s a good thing for us.

@Kdyd gives great advice, remember to take time for yourself to enjoy the little things that come your way, they help get us through day by day.

All the best,


If you did it once, you can do it again! You have knowledge to draw on from the first go around to help you navigate the journey. You are never alone unless you choose to be. You have us here, you can find someone in person (find someone else who’s scared about something, anything, and by helping them you’ll help yourself), and if you choose faith, then God is ALWAYS there with you. Don’t fall in the pit of despair - stand tall and free and walk through this with us right by your side! Attitude determines altitude, and hope trumps fear! Fear is a LIAR!

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Hi Kelly, when I separated from my first husband after being married young and for a very long time I felt very alone without a spouse. Turns out when I reached out and made an effort to surround myself with a group of other singles we quickly filled in that missing support system for each other. So if there are any singles groups in your area I would suggest you reach out and join in. Many people think it is what you do when looking for another partner, when in reality I made so many single friends of both genders and never lacked for anything from golfing partner to home repair assistant as we were all in the same boat.

As already mentioned, we too are here for you.



You are blessed, amazing, quite phenomenal, a Warrior and a strong fighter and on top of it all… a Woman, we can do anything we set our minds too!!! I am sending blessings of love and light for strength, comfort and guidance to you.
A great book that has helped me with knowledge as I went through my rupture (08) is… “The Magnesium Miracle” by Dr. Carolyn Dean
I know the road looks bleak as you face this challenge alone again and I am sorry to hear you have to endure it again but as they always say… the Universe does not give you more than you can handle, if you don’t feel you can, let them know, I do all of the time.
Peace sent and if you can, try and focus on what you have and are grateful for, not what you don’t have and you fear.