Scared of risks

I am 40 yrs old and have an unruptured 3mm superior cerebellar artery aneurysm. Saw neurosurgeon yesterday who thinks I should have it coiled. I have a family history of brain aneurysms. There is a high risk of third nerve palsy also because of where the aneurysm is. Just really nervous about having the procedure because of the risks. My mind is just racing with all that could go wrong instead of thinking positive thoughts of getting it taken care of and not having to worry about it bursting. Ugh…help!

Hi Jean... I do believe you need to feel good about what decision you make coiling, clipping, watching, PED...etc., that being said...I am including a link to our BAF website that will give you more information and understanding...remember that coiling is less invasive then clipping...

Wishing you more comments to help aid you...~ Colleen

Hi Jean,

One sentence bothers me, and that would be the part about the 'family history'....I understand how frightening all this is, I've undergone 2 clippings plus an Sah/coma/coil, (and that last one, the Sah/coma/coil, could've been avoided had I not been so frightened about my lack of insurance --)

Oh and regarding the 3rd nerve palsy? two days before my first clipping, a severe headache paired with a snapped 3rd optic nerve is what brought me into the ER, a clipping was performed, and it took months for the 3rd nerve palsy to correct itself ) SO the point of all this is, please get this taken care of before you're faced with more then just the fright of it all---it isn't easy but right now its very 'do-able'. Peace to you as you figure this out, Janet