Scar cream and sleeping on your incision side

I have a two part question here...

(1) Has anyone used any sort of cream on their scar once the wound was completely healed? My wound had a really difficult time healing, I believe in part because of how tightly I was stitched. Now that I'm finally all healed (yay!!!) I'd like to try some sort of cream to help calm/moisturize the skin. The skin is very thin and I have quite a tire tread of a scar. I'm not worried about getting rid of the scar, because my hair covers it anyway. But the raised parts (seriously, think tire tread, it looks exactly like that) are a little dry, so I'd like to try some sort of moisturizer on them.

(2) How long did it take for people to be able to sleep on the side where their incision is? I had a craniotomy through the right side of my head, and all of the tingling and weird feelings have gone away, so I've been trying to ease back onto my right side every once in a while, but it just feels weird and delicate. I'd like to think that at some point that part of my head will feel more secure, and I'll be able to lay on it without feeling like I'm laying directly on bone ...not that we have a lot of padding on our temple anyway, but that's the best way I can describe how it feels.



My wife is 20 years out and still cannot lay on the surgical side. Her bone closures are stainless steel suture wires so I don't know if this makes a difference versus the screw hinge plates. Be well!


Hi Randomette, I hope you are fine? I’m glad you’re healing. I have a scar also, and I’ve used vitamin E oil. Which has help to erased the mark of scaring. There are other moisturizers on the market. But used only when you are completely healed. I had a ruptured aneurysm, my incision is on the nape of my neck, to my shoulder blade. It’s been 2 years, and I still have problems sleeping on my back. That area is still sensitive! " time heals all wounds." But it takes so long? But with God, there is Hope. Take care Randomette.

Hi! I have no experience re this but I would ask your dr, even a trained pharmacist would probably direct you to see your dr. I have a shunt and can relate tho- I cant sleep on right side and suspect that's forever, take care, feel better soon~~

Olive oil

That sounds just like me. After all the tingles and swelling went down, my right side was still too weird feeling to sleep on. I didn't know how to describe it because it didn't hurt and I don't think it made sense to people. I think they thought if it doesn't hurt, why can't you sleep on it? I didn't even feel comfortable holding the phone to that side. Then I got introduced to Serraflazyme. It sounds a bit impossible, but it is supposed to be an enzyme that dissolves scar tissue and lets healthy tissue regrow. I think it was the first week I was taking it that I got tingles again, not as strong as initially. Then the muscles started working and that caved in look disappeared. Now it still feels a little off, but not so much that I can't sleep on that side. I get the Serraflazyme from a nutritionist, but I bought some for a friend on Amazon.

Thanks for the tip, Troy! I'll definitely investigate Serraflazyme.

Thanks everyone for the responses! The doctor did say I could use lotions, he just didn't specify any specific types. He didn't think I would actually want to use them because they are going to get in my hair. But I work from home, and it will shampoo out. :) The doc also suggested massaging the area, but I don't really feel like there is enough skin there to massage! I try to give it a little gentle circular massage when I shampoo, but that's about it.

I’m only 8 weeks post surgery, and can totally relate to have troubles laying on that side of the head!! The sensation is bizarre and it’s very psychological to me, is my head going to flatten on that side??

In case you do go for it, I think the bottle says 3/day. I was told to do 3 twice a day at first. I did that for quite a while, like maybe 6-8 months. Now I'm sticking with the 3 once a day. I just think there might be more healing possible that I can't sense so easily so I'll keep it up for a while more.

I had an aneurysm clipped but then contracted a staph infection at the incision site. Had to undergo a surgery to clean out the wound - they threw out the bone flap since it was infected. A third surgery had a man-made bone to replace the infected piece of my skull. Two years later and it is still uncomfortable to sleep on the incision side of my head. My plastic surgeon suggested using coconut oil on the incision to soften the scarring. Last year I had open heart surgery to repair an ascending aortic aneurysm -- they recommended that I use Mederma for the scarring -- it softens the raised scars and also lightens the scar. Hope you find something to help you.

Never used anything on mine. I had staples and stitches after right side craniotomy. It took about a year until I could sleep on that side. Light tingling is still there periodically after 13 yrs. what I notice most about that side tho is the tinnitus (rushing water sound in my ear). But I say “yup gonna use power tools on a skull and you’re gonna wind up with some nerve damage.” I also call it my ‘blood pressure gauge’ because it’s louder and faster when my BP is higher. :wink: there’s something funny in everything. Take care Marianne