Scalp Pain after Clipping

Hi everyone,

I really need your assistance. On Dec 23rd, I had my third aneurysm clipping (crannies), shortly after being released I noticed that I begin having excruciating pain in the crown area if my head and the back of my head. I have three Annies, only one could be clipped due to the amount of scar tissue and the size, the aneurysms are located in the middle of the brain, behind my right eye and on my brain stem. My doc initially thought that the pain was as a result of the number of crannies I have had performed. After having several blood tests and MRIs , it was decided that I am having an allergic reaction to the new materials used in my latest surgery. The doctor told me that as a result of the shape of the aneurysm there was a space between the clip and the artery so he used cotton. I am told that 1% of the population is allergic to cotton which I now part of the group. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory to deal with the swelling which he thought would reduce headaches and pain. The headaches have subsided but the pain in my scalp remains. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic which lessen the scalp pain but it returned once the 2 week dosage was complete. The pain is like an electric shock going off in my head. It is not constant but when it starts I am totally unable to cope, any suggestions or recommendations would be grsatly appreciated.

Could it be everything healing? For months after my clipping I would get pain similar to yours. I think my doc called them zingers (or something like that). I am almost 11 months post op. They are pretty infrequent, but I will still get a "zinger" every now and then.



Thank you for the information. I will certainly keep this in mind.