Sandra 's Journey

Well hello everyone! in reading your stories, we all sound like we pretty much went through the same experience when we found out our brain decided to Pop.

Mine started about the same, no warning, accept that wet feeling inside of my brain that would come and go, you go on with life and forget about it. I did mentioned it to 2 of my doctors and both of them said they never heard of it, but we would keep an eye on it. Well 1 month later, it happend. My husband and I were at a function/party enjoying ourselves, when after having desert and checking out the silent auction, I felt a pop in my stomach and emmediatly the trobbing headache and pain on my neck.

Than I knew something serious is going on, my rt foot started to have a mind of it's own, it wouldn't stand straight, so with my training in CPR & First Aid, something kept telling me it sounds like something neorological is going on. My husband thought I had food poising or the flu. Nah, pain was too intense. So we decided to leave with me holding on tight to him. Don't fall sleep what I ever I do.

He took the highway on the fast lane to get home ASAP, well no sooner, I decide to chrisin the truck, (barfed) all over the place, my poor husband nearly had a heart attack, it was like that movie, "The Excorsist" all over again. Well he decided to cross over 3 lanes to park the truck before I went at again, I did, but he had parked and I opened the door, but what a mess!!! On me and the truck. We headed home to change, and him try to clean the mess.

Jump 3 hrs later, I must of fallen at some point,but I don't remember, but I had a bruise over my forehead and purple tongue rt side. We decided to go to the nearest hospital finaly, and went up to the nurse and told what's been happening, I was so impressed with the hospital in how quickly they moved, I told the nurse what I felt, next thing she's taking my BP, which was way to high, I just got my medical records and it said 212/101, how high is that? next thing I hear the tone of the nurse and it sounds serious, but she did say something that made me feel good.( 1) your are very sick and (2) we are here to help you, your pain will lessen soon enough, were going to give you morphine and than take you for a cat scan.

Next thing, I'm being told by the doctors that I'm going to fly in a helicopter, this is the way they can save me, and were taking you to another hospital that's equiped to handle this. Your husband and son are here to kiss you goodbye, and unfortunatly they can't fly with you, but will drive and meet u there...I'm like, OK. feeling no pain...but new exactly what was being said to me. I also kept thinking, Gee for flying in a helicopter, a dream of mine for years, not this way, but I kept thinking, it's awfuly quiet for being outside of a helicopter, They had ear fluffs on me and blind fold for my eyes.

Next thing were entering the surgery suite, with no idea what's going on, accept the anesthisiologist was pretty funny, he made some comment to me about what a Sat nt it's been and I'm thinking, I hope they play some good music, well I must of said that outloud, cause I heard, what would you like us to play. Jazz, next thing I wake up in ICU, knowing...Sandra your not going anywhere too soon. I had tubes everywhere, my head felt like It went through allot, but haven't looked in the mirror yet, my family is still no where to be found. But I'm in no pain, and it feels great! Than my Neuro comes in and explains what they just did, I had a coil done to try to stop the bleeding, which was going into a large bag...I looked at that and asked, how does that fit in my brain? Finaly my husband and sons came in....I also heard my son who lives in England will be arriving in AZ soon, and my daughter who lives in Dallas as well. With those words, I knew I would be well. But still wasn't aware that I'm not going yet.

I guess the doctors wanted to sure I wouldn't get a stroke, since they were hoping I would be a candidate for a shunt. I was able to get up on my 3rd day, and walk if I felt OK, boy did I!!! I pushed myself with my little friend, the cart and my blood. But new that eventualy I was going to need a massage, my neck was hurting me as well as my sacrum, I knew from my training as a MT and Cranial Sacral, I was wondering what was happening with all that fluid that runs from the top of my head down to the sacrum...I asked my doctors if I could get a massage and he said, sure as long as he know what to do? lol, he's a licensed therapist and I trust him 100%. Well I had my massage the next day and rt way, I can feel my neck feeling better, so next the sacrum. I had another massage and my update was beyond what doctors can understand or explain. I was still pretty tired, but my attitude was very postive. God had big plans for me. I'm also a Reiki Master and have been using Reiki in my practice for awhile. Between all that, I'd like to say I feel like a walking miracle, 20 days later in the ICU, I did get my shunt. I have the Codman Hakim, and I feel prett good. No headache, I went home the next day, I stopped the percosat 1 week later, and all I take is Ibuprofin 200 mgs. I sleep well now that my shunt and I are used to sleeping together. I know I still have a way to go since it's only 2 months since the shunt. Almost 3 months since the coil. The worst part of all this so far was when they took my stitches out and staples...The only time I cried...and I could have pitch that young Resident who did it.

I did have some stomach cramps off and on, I had a cat scan done and all came back fine. It's either my stomach getting uses to the CF fluid or part of my healing. But this past week, no pain. So getting better. That's it for now. Make it a great day!

Hi Sandra,

WOW! What a story! It is so good to hear that you are doing so well. Thanks be to God!

I am a bit puzzled by the "pop in your stomach", bleeding into a large bag and the stomach cramps, though. Did you have an abdominal issue as well as a brain aneurysm?

It's also great to read that you got such a benefit from massage. I've relied on massage for several years to keep me going as I've dealt with a multitude of musculoskeletal issues. :-)

Take care and prayers for your continued good recovery.


Your story made me teary eyed because it reminds me so much of mine. Mine too was a surprise, happened on a Saturday night, a little over 3 months ago (rupture Feb 4, surgery Feb 6) and I too was flown by helicopter to a hospital better equipped to deal with my condition (UT Southwestern in Dallas) except you have a lot of memory. I have no memory from the exit to the ER here until sometime after my surgery. I just know it was after the 8th because that’s the day I was extubated. I’m glad to hear you’re hanging in there! Keep the faith, keep the fight!

Thanks Carole, and Yes!!! Thanks be to God, if it wasn't for him, don't think I would be here writing today. The pop to me was like, it was just that, a pop, that's what made us think maybe food poisining, the bleeding into a bag was drainage bag when you have a coil, and what there removing from your head. I put a pic of it under my pics. You didn't have that?

No abdominal issues, I just think it's either my stomach adjusting to the CF fluid draining there, or the end of the tube from the shunt that's touching my organs. I had a cat scan to look and see, all came back fine, accept they found a nodule on the top of my left adrenal.

Just had the MRI today and we will see if anything that will need care. I hope not. Massage is the best in my opinions. The relaxation helps with the healing. Stay in touch, I'll have to read yours soon. Thank you for replying.



Hi Robin,

Ours happen a little over a week apart. mine was the 17th of Feb, surgery, rt after Valentine.You seem so young to be going through this, I guess it doesn't discriminate. Not sure if you watch Dancing with the Stars? well last week they had a young Break dancer, the best in his field that had 3 Aneurism last year, a few strokes, and he was walking, dancing on the show, not like he used to. But he's alive and moving, and even dancing again. Not like before.

Robin where r you in Dallas? we moved to AZ 6 yrs ago from that area, we used to live in Plano, our daughter lives in Dallas. She was out here with me when I was ill. I'll have to read your story as well. It helps doesn't it? You too keep the fight going. We will be OK. Just some things we may never do. For me, Scuba Diving. Feel free to write. God Bless.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the additional information. I had a clipping so I’m not familiar with all the details of a coiling. Coiling may not even have been thought about when I had my surgery. :-0

Your comments are a reminder to all of us that it does take the body a while to rid itself of the “drugs” that are used in our treatments. I had “only” an angiogram in January but I think my body is only recently fully recovered from the drugs and the “rigid” position of my neck during the procedure.

Take care.


Wow… Yours happened the day I was discharged home from the hospital. I am pretty young, and no it doesn’t discriminate, because my family told me that there was a 31 yr old nurse who actually works on the ICU floor at UTSW who suffered a ruptured aneurysm… Sad, and also a 22 year old who had a softball sized something in her head, too. I don’t know the details, but it’s scary either way. Hearing those stories and being on the boards here shows me that this disease can affect anyone at anytime, really.

That is awesome to hear about that guy dancing, with all that he can, even if it’s not the same! Inspirational for sure. I’ve only ever watched dancing with the stars a time or two. Thank you for sharing that, though :slight_smile:

I don’t live in Dallas, I was just flown there! I live 2 hours North, in Wichita Falls. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Plano is very nice :slight_smile: But I did receive incredible care at UT Southwestern, both from what I remember and from how pleased my family was. It’s a blessing, the way it all took place. Like my sister said “in a worst case scenario, everything happened the best way possible.” God has been watching over me, I know that much!

Take care!

Hi Robin,

I was 19 when my annie ruptured. I havent done break dancing but I have done ballroom dancing! :slight_smile: i was probably back to dancing socially within about 6 months. It’s been a long time and I don’t remember exactly but what may be more important is that I don’t have any memories of not dancing which is significant since I love to dance!

Take care.

That is something, it was a Sat that both of ours happend as well. Glad your doing good Robin...The power of positive thinking helps allot in our healing. I've been to Wichita Falls, my daughter in law who is in the AF was stationed there for a short time, and we went to see her graduate. Nice little town. What is your life like now?

Make it a great day!

Sandra, you are the first person that felt a pop in your stomach like I did, No one ever believes me. When I went to the ER on March 17th 2001 they wouldn't even do a CAT scan or anything because I told them that there was a pop in my stomach then excruciationg pain that went through my whole body through my jaw and into my head. they said it was GERD. I spent 3 years on testing and meds until the ER doc finally did an MRA and found the aneurysms. In the meantime I developled MRSA and was on antibiotics for 18 months, my annies were stented & coiled Feb 23, 2011 abd I had a SAH on the 26th and had to return to the hopital in Pittsburgh. I have some residual deficits from the SAH and alot of nerve damage from all of the strong antibiotics which gave me C-Diff. I tried to go back to work in April 2011 but only lasted a few weeks because My stamina was not enough, returned to work Sept. 1, 2011 and the neuropathy pain and migraines took over my life. I have been off of work since the end of February 2012. I still have the migraines and the neuropathy pain in my arms and legs. I have tried just about everything but all I hear is it just takes time. But I really wand to know what that "pop" was in my stomach. It makes no sense. I am one worn out woman who misses my family and my work so very much. God bless you for your courage and strength. Kathh

Hi Kathy, That to me was the sign that my angel gave me. Headaches I've had, but not as severe and quick like that. But the pop and pain on my neck, never. I tend to be pretty Intuitive when it comes to my to me that was the warning. Leave now. I just posted some info about a book I read many moons ago, her book..."Anatomy of The Spirit" explains allot about our health and what some of it could mean.

I weaned myself of the Percosat which was the only thing they gave me to go home with. Now, all I take is and occasional Ibuprofin, either 200mgs or 800mgs. Other than that, lot's of fiber, vitamins. Vitamin D being very important. To me anyway. Take care and stay in touch.